Tue, 13 Mar 2012 14:20:09 +0000 en hourly 1 Comment from long-term Listener Wed, 07 Mar 2012 15:15:27 +0000 John Baumann “I think the show last night was the best I have heard. It was amazing, touching.”

Linnaea Mallette
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Unshackle Yourself Too Sun, 19 Feb 2012 15:18:14 +0000 John Baumann LinkedIn Groups

Group: Parkinsons Proud
Discussion: Do you agree with the assertions made in this video?:

New to the group…watched this video through burning tears. After several years of being diagnosed I have been doing the exact opposite of what you shared. Thank you John, you’ve inspired me to find a way to unshackle myself and live! I will be sharing this with my care partners and friends. I’ve just been through about two weeks of total fatigue and this was the kick-in-the-seat that I needed to get on with it. Even while watching the video I was beginning to understand why God is leading me down this path. Thanks again and going to buy your book tomorrow. God Bless.

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Decide Success – Attitude Sat, 18 Feb 2012 17:19:16 +0000 John Baumann Decide Success: Attitude

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Parkinson’s Love Story Thu, 16 Feb 2012 19:20:08 +0000 John Baumann Unbelievable story. I thought no one would enter into a long-term relationship with me in light of my Parkinsons and the prospect of being a care partner for me. I was wrong. Met an angel who fell in love with me and is a personal trainer and nutritionalist to boot. I found my one and only.

Met on January 7 in the Virgin Islands. GETTING MARRIED FEBRUARY 26!!!

I was diagnosed with Parkinsons ten years ago at the age of 41. Fortunately, I have had a very slow progression, but that could change at any time.

I started with match about 4 months and had been on dates with several quality woman, but none that sparked with me. I decided to go to the Virgin Islands to meet up with old friends that were there for a conference.

I casually invited my brother who surprised me by accepting. My father got wind of the trip and invited himself. Needless to say the prospect of having 21 consecutive meals with my father and brother was a little daunting.

Two days before the trip, I did a match search of the Virgin Islands with the intention of just enjoying a nice meal and obtaining information on the islands. I got much more than I ever could have imagined.

My flight there left Kentucky at 6am so I had to be up by 4am. Upon arrival in St. Thomas, I touched base with one of my match connections and we made plans five hours later for her to take the ferry from St. John to the Red Hook terminal in St. Thomas. On the trip from the airport, the taxi driver locked his keys in the car with my luggage and phone! I had no way of touching base with her and had to wear the same clothes that I traveled in all day.

I found out that the taxi ride to Red Hook was $20 each way. With no way for us to communicate, I had no idea if she would show up. She had to pay $12 to take the ferry with no confirmation that I would be there.

When she walked off the boat. She took my breathe away. My only though was, “I have found my future, my one and only.” We spent most of the next week together. I left on January 14. Moved her to Louisville on January 31 and will marry her on February 26. Thanks

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TheInspiringEsquire YouTube Channel Launched Thu, 16 Feb 2012 19:17:17 +0000 John Baumann Actually, John, the video that I think is the best is 17 Decide Success Action Step 10 Attitude – Parkinson’s “For the Best”. You talk about the difference between Everything Happens for A Reason and Everything Happens for The Best by sharing what your life would have been compared to what it is now – again, showing us that attitude and perspective make all the difference.


John Baumann wrote:
If you only have time to watch one video of mine, this is the one:

If you know of anyone that may need a speaker at an event, please pass this along.

Thanks, John

Check out my YouTube Channel for inspirational videos: and
DECIDE SUCCESS – You Ain’t Dead Yet available at – (502) 262-3300

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Bulgarian Fan Tue, 17 Jan 2012 15:24:03 +0000 John Baumann Maria Kassova has sent you a message.
Date: 1/09/2012
Subject: RE: John, I only just saw your video…and I am so moved and touched. I currently write a book on confidence and one of the key premises of…
Hi John, happy, successful and prosperous 2012! May it bring you more strength, ideas, opportunities to change lives! May you also experience many happy moments with your family, friends, with your own higher self.

It is truly kind of you to drop me this line…I will no doubt stay in touch and follow you, and use some of your clips to inspire others. If you have another group on LinkedIn that you are active into – please let me know. I would like to join it.

Learning about the courage and strength of people like you, who use the cards they are dealt with in the best possible way, is food for my soul. It keeps me going, and I want to spread that message around….so we can live with a larger sense of possibilities, not fear.

A big hug from your Bulgarian fan, and human being.

Maria Kassova

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Book Testimonial Tue, 17 Jan 2012 15:20:59 +0000 John Baumann I read your DECIDE SUCCESS (12 Action Steps) book. It was GREAT. It helped me find light when I was in a dark place towards the end of the semester. Thank you. I hope you had a good break.

John Wimsett

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More Parkinsons Advice Tue, 17 Jan 2012 14:33:15 +0000 John Baumann Mark Young: Look for positive people. Workshop with my book: DECIDE SUCCESS – You Ain’t Dead Yet. Available on or at
Many thanks John, it’s taken us about 3 years to come to terms with PD but now we want to take positive steps to make the most of life, rather than think just about the negative side of things. I will check out your book. Best Regards – Mark

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Parkinsons Advice Tue, 17 Jan 2012 14:10:44 +0000 John Baumann Jackie Russell • Start a small exercise group for PD. Use Delay the Disease materials ( I am the nurse involved and partnered with David Zid and we are passionate about the changes in symptoms when you add daily exercise that is Parkinson’s specific. Certainly can fight this disease with hope, and exercise puts you back in control of this progressive disease. Good luck and stay active. Our book and DVD could help you get started.

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Inspiration Sat, 31 Dec 2011 15:11:42 +0000 John Baumann Maria Kassova • John, I only just saw your video … Ain\'t Dead Yet

…and I am so moved and touched. I currently write a book on confidence and one of the key premises of being confident is choosing the positive perspective. My heart was filled with respect and admiration for your positivity, huge inner power AND sincerity. I agree that at the time ‘disaster’ strikes (we don’t call it that after, but it feels like it at first) it is hard to be cheerful and find the flip side. Yet our attitude towards life then takes over – and we make the choice. As you have done – ‘you ain’t dead yet, let’s to the best of the time I’ve got. Sky diving, inspiring others, write another book, spend time with my loved ones…Seeing your video is one of my Christmas discoveries / gifts. I will be showing your clips in my confidence workshops….so your legacy and inspiration is spread over in Singapore and other parts of the world. May 2012 bring you a new lease of energy, ideas and desire to keep going and touching the hearts and souls of your family, friends and thousands of other people throughout the world…sending you a big virtual hug from Singapore.

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