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Book Review Decide Success

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

I have to tell you I love your book and it is already helping me. When I read it, my intention was just to read it…I had no idea I would want to practice what you preach and teach! It is powerful, let me tell you.

Baumann presents in Cincinnati

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Hi John – I have been meaning to send you a note earlier but as they say – “better late than never”. Thank you for your inspirational talk at the Parkinson’s Recovery Summit. Although I am a believer, the best I may be able to accomplish is – to nip this slow progressing disease in the butt! Your drive (as I determined) is next to none. Congratulations on a well delivered talk. Tom

Decide Success Book Testimonial

Monday, June 18th, 2012


I will be sure to keep my eyes and ears open for any opportunities for you to speak. I have blown through about half of the book. I have enjoyed it so far….you weren’t kidding when you said it was an easy read. Very smooth in the delivery of the “life lessons”. Actually feel like I am sitting in the room listening to your story. Not a big reader, but when I picked up your book and started reading, the pages were flipping like crazy.

I was serious when I mentioned the fact that I felt like I was sitting down with you as part of the discussion. I have always said the best writers are the ones who make you feel like you are living the story in real time. Just felt very comfortable. Great skill to possess…one I am sure has served you well throughout your life.

Jimmy Ford
Director, Conn Legacy Society

Office of Planned Giving
2323 S. Brook St.
Louisville, KY 40292

DECIDE SUCCESS rave reviews

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Hi John:
I was delighted to receive your package in the mail with a copy of your “Decide Success” book in it. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and life experiences with the world—what a gift you have given others. I found many parts of the book resonate with my own experiences and beliefs. Last week I had just guest lectured for a class on Higher Ed Leadership and shared my leadership journey with them, and your book was aligned with so many of the same concepts and ideas I shared.

I assume you do presentations and other formats for sharing your journey and wisdom. Again—that is a gift.

Thanks for sharing your gift with me,

Patricia R. Payette, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Ideas to Action
Associate Director, Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning
244 Ekstrom Library
2301 S. Third St.
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40208-1802

Parkinson’s Recovery Interview Comment

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Hello John,
My husband who also has had Parkinson’s for about eleven years, just finished listening
to you talk on line. I could not hear everything you said real well. I heard you well enough that
I went straight to Amazon and ordered your book. I THOUGHT I heard you say you would be
speaking in Arizona. Now I may be wrong but that is what I want to check on. If you are I
am sure we can get to where ever you will be, in fact we can be sure our entire Parkinson Support
group from here in Prescott will also come to hear you. Please let me know. You most certainly
are an inspiration.
Thank you

Parkinson’s Superstar Nomination

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

John Baumann from Louisville, KY
Nominated by Irene Litvan

My Parkinson’s Superstar has to be John Baumann, one of my favorite patients. Diagnosed in 2002 at the age of 41, John worked 6 more years as an executive officer of a major corporation before dedicating his life, on a full-time basis, to making a difference in the Parkinson’s community.

John has inspired those with Parkinson’s to live their lives to the fullest, family care partners to realize what a difference they make and how much they are appreciated, and professional healthcare providers to maintain their passion and commitment to the cause. John has traveled far and wide as keynote speaker at symposiums to bring his message of hope and positive perspective (Reclaiming Posi-spective) including, among other locations, Cincinnati at the Sunflower Revolution, Indianapolis before a Pacers game, Houston, Birmingham, Saskatchewan in Canada, St. Thomas of the Virgin Islands and even his hometown of Louisville.

John has also written a book providing a template for others to live life to the fullest with Parkinson’s Disease, Decide Success (Twelve Action Steps) – You Ain’t Dead Yet (available at John has contributed to two other books (The Peripatetic Pursuit of Parkinson’s Disease and Courageous Stories of Inspiration), is a graduate of the PDF clinical trail advocate institute and is on the faculty of the University of Louisville. John is also Chair of the Make-A-Wish Foundation Board in Kentucky and has cherished being care partner to his daughter (who has flourished despite being born with life threatening birth defects and cerebral palsy).

Comment from long-term Listener

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

“I think the show last night was the best I have heard. It was amazing, touching.”

Linnaea Mallette
Radio Show Host at Toginet Radio Network
Greater Los Angeles Area Professional Training & Coaching
Inspirational speaker, author, radio show personality, speech coach at Read My Lips Tips for Success
Radio Show Host at Toginet Radio Network
Training Coordinator at UCLA

Unshackle Yourself Too

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

LinkedIn Groups

Group: Parkinsons Proud
Discussion: Do you agree with the assertions made in this video?:

New to the group…watched this video through burning tears. After several years of being diagnosed I have been doing the exact opposite of what you shared. Thank you John, you’ve inspired me to find a way to unshackle myself and live! I will be sharing this with my care partners and friends. I’ve just been through about two weeks of total fatigue and this was the kick-in-the-seat that I needed to get on with it. Even while watching the video I was beginning to understand why God is leading me down this path. Thanks again and going to buy your book tomorrow. God Bless.

TheInspiringEsquire YouTube Channel Launched

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Actually, John, the video that I think is the best is 17 Decide Success Action Step 10 Attitude – Parkinson’s “For the Best”. You talk about the difference between Everything Happens for A Reason and Everything Happens for The Best by sharing what your life would have been compared to what it is now – again, showing us that attitude and perspective make all the difference.


John Baumann wrote:
If you only have time to watch one video of mine, this is the one:

If you know of anyone that may need a speaker at an event, please pass this along.

Thanks, John

Check out my YouTube Channel for inspirational videos: and
DECIDE SUCCESS – You Ain’t Dead Yet available at – (502) 262-3300

Bulgarian Fan

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Maria Kassova has sent you a message.
Date: 1/09/2012
Subject: RE: John, I only just saw your video…and I am so moved and touched. I currently write a book on confidence and one of the key premises of…
Hi John, happy, successful and prosperous 2012! May it bring you more strength, ideas, opportunities to change lives! May you also experience many happy moments with your family, friends, with your own higher self.

It is truly kind of you to drop me this line…I will no doubt stay in touch and follow you, and use some of your clips to inspire others. If you have another group on LinkedIn that you are active into – please let me know. I would like to join it.

Learning about the courage and strength of people like you, who use the cards they are dealt with in the best possible way, is food for my soul. It keeps me going, and I want to spread that message around….so we can live with a larger sense of possibilities, not fear.

A big hug from your Bulgarian fan, and human being.

Maria Kassova