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Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Maria Kassova • John, I only just saw your video … Ain\'t Dead Yet

…and I am so moved and touched. I currently write a book on confidence and one of the key premises of being confident is choosing the positive perspective. My heart was filled with respect and admiration for your positivity, huge inner power AND sincerity. I agree that at the time ‘disaster’ strikes (we don’t call it that after, but it feels like it at first) it is hard to be cheerful and find the flip side. Yet our attitude towards life then takes over – and we make the choice. As you have done – ‘you ain’t dead yet, let’s to the best of the time I’ve got. Sky diving, inspiring others, write another book, spend time with my loved ones…Seeing your video is one of my Christmas discoveries / gifts. I will be showing your clips in my confidence workshops….so your legacy and inspiration is spread over in Singapore and other parts of the world. May 2012 bring you a new lease of energy, ideas and desire to keep going and touching the hearts and souls of your family, friends and thousands of other people throughout the world…sending you a big virtual hug from Singapore.

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Monday, December 12th, 2011

So kind of you to give your book Decide Success to me at recent Parkinson’s conference in Tulsa!

I have started reading it and will let you know impact on my life ! I felt such soulful energy from you .. Glad you enjoyed massages from Tameisha .. Will pass the gift from the lessons from your book to others! One new opportunity have chosen to tell others about a new product out of Texas called Nerium
.. John it is a great night creme with the science to back it ..brand new company .. Check it out .. Give Nerium a try / be grateful if u passed website on to others if possible as well ! When approached by a nurse I know to hear about the product .. I looked over on my car seat and saw your book because I have kept it in my car….. The gift is the people , relationships , energy and pursuing dreams .. Taking actions ! Thanks may you be truly Blessed this holiday season !! Respectfully, Rosie

Janice “Rosie” Lee MSW,LCSW
Tranquility Hospice

Testimonial on Decide Success

Monday, December 12th, 2011

I want to thank you for blessing me with the gift of your book this past Sunday. I have nearly finished it already. Once I started reading I simply could not put it down. You may not know that I had serious open heart surgery in 2007. Our family had joined St. Francis of Assisi and I had already been coaching football at St. X for a few years by then. I just want you to know that I have found your book to be a personal inspiration and as usual; the fact that you shared it with me represents another intervention by the Holy Spirit in my life. The message that I am getting from the Holy Spirit and you is, “You ain’t dead yet!”.

I have tell you that I smiled when I read about the importance “Intensity” plays in one’s decision to succeed. I probably had that ear to ear grin like the Grinch when he discovered love. I smiled because you used Celtic Football coaching as an example of intense desire to succeed. You may not know that I actually talked Mark and Mike Meiners into having our coaching retreats. I planned and organized them to first be held at my Father-in-law’s condo at Lake Cumberland. I think they initially saw it as a water skiing / bonding trip but were pleasantly surprised when I brought dry erase boards and books and videos on various offense and defense strategies. The meetings were so successful, so much fun, and such a “team” building experience that they continued even after I left. I love the fact that I shared that experience with you and all the men I coached with at St. Patrick. I cannot argue if someone were to say that our passion for the team and the growth of the kids actually represented an obsessive compulsive disorder at times. :-) Nevertheless; there is no doubt that we all brought intensity and “will” to our efforts and I truly believe that the boys learned multiple life lessons as a result of your influence and all of our coaches at the time. Thank you for sharing our experiences with your readers as an example of intense desire and focused effort to be successful.

God bless you and your family John.

You definitely “Ain’t Dead Yet”!

Your friend,

Rick Rayome

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Monday, December 5th, 2011


Monday, December 5th, 2011

John Baumann , author of DECIDE SUCCESS: You Ain’t Dead Yet, is an internationally-renowned National Speakers Association inspirational success speaker.

The DECIDE SUCCESS principles help real people deal with life-changing events and live their lives to the fullest.

For him, it was his daughter being born with a life-threatening defect and, then, being diagnosed himself, five years later, with Parkinson’s Disease at the ripe young age of 41.

For others, it may be another disease, an injury, or loss of a loved one.

Besides being an inspirational speaker and author, John is on the faculty of the University of Louisville, the Chair of Make-A-Wish Kentucky and a practicing attorney.