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John Baumann Testimonials on Inspirational Keynote

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Spring Conference 2010 – Knowledge is Power – Comments Summary


  • All was very good, thank you!
  • Good job folks!
  • Great sessions and speakers.  Nice pamphlet handouts also.
  • Well done, very applicable and timing of issues and topics.
  • Very well organized conference.  I appreciate and value the information presented and the time and effort put into the conference by the organizers and organization as well as the speakers themselves.
  • Very well organized.
  • John Baumann was the best!
  • Please have motivational speakers before home time.  If it is over at 2:00 perhaps speaker could be from 12-1 and then lunch? Or go longer with session until 3:00.  Excellent conference.
  • John Baumann was great for this event.
  • Appreciated training and the wonderful guest speakers.  Thank you!
  • John Baumann was excellent.  Didn’t want the presentation to end.  “Grand Finale”!
  • Group work was beneficial.  Loved John Baumann as keynote speaker.
  • Exceptional keynote speakers.
  • John Baumann was truly inspiring.
  • Great job, as always.  Excellent.
  • The Crisis support session did not clearly define who they were and what they did.  Most of the people that attended their session didn’t know the too many acronyms that were used.  Val Carter was unable to “capture the audience” perhaps it was too long.
  • My second time at this conference.  I was thrilled to be a part of the staff chosen to attend again!

Youtubes Websites on Success Principles to Learn Success Today

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010


Tangible Takeaways:

Proactive Prevention Overview:


Success (1):

Success (2):


Hard Work:


Intensity (football):

Aware (1):

Aware (2):

Aware (overboard):


Attitude (1):

Attitude (2):




Harassment Prevention: