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July 6, 2010

DVD available for Purchase NOW Learn Success Today

In Learn Success Today, Professor & Attorney John Baumann, The Inspiring Esquire, identifies NINE very manageable, comprehensive and memorable SUCCESS PRINCIPLES which will result in YOU being able to Learn Success Today.

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In this extraordinary 95 minute Learn Success Today presentation, John Baumann shows you how YOU can be more Successful without regard to your ability, talent and areas of intelligence.

“I want to thank you for coming in and talking with our team. I loved hearing your stories because a lot of us could relate in a way.  You brought up distinguishing between what you want and what you need.  You cannot always get what you want and what you want is not what you always need.  I think we all forget at times to focus on what we have.  Not everyone gets the chance to get an education, to be a professor or even be a Division 1 athlete.  We get upset over little things and tend to be selfish.  When you brought up wants and needs thats what came to my attention.  Thank you so much for opening my eyes!”
Lianne Bobal

“I liked the stories and how they applied to each topic we discussed. One piece that stuck with me from your presentation was how we should treat everyday like a job, 9-5 it makes scheduling and school much easier. I also have been thinking alot about what you said about work and picking something that comes natural to you and what you like, you’ll succeed if you swim downstream and like what you do. I think because I’m graduating this year and working in the fall these ideas stuck with me more. Overall, I enjoyed meeting with you and think other teams will benefit if you do the same presentation with them.”
Thanks again,
Colleen Nevin

Available NOW for $29.95 plus $4.05 tax, shipping and handling. Send a check for $34 to 1012 Mullins Lane, Louisville, KY 40245 or email to order.

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