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Monday, November 15th, 2010

Reclaiming Posi-spective (CD)

In this extraordinary 70 minute interview,

John Baumann discusses on this single Compact Disc,

how YOU CAN Reclaim Posi-spective (Positive Perspective).

“Your personal stories of growth and optimism struck a deep chord with those in attendance.”

Executive Director, Saskatchewan Assoc. of Rehabilitation Centres






Along the way, John has cherished being caregiver to his daughter (who has flourished despite being born with life threatening birth defects and cerebral palsy) and is positively living with his own diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease since the ripe young age of 42. Throughout it all, John has been able to maintain his sense of humor and what he calls “Posi-spective” including being a self-proclaimed  “Proud Person with Parkinsons.” John now dedicates his energy and passion to inspire others and teach success in interactive and workshop formats to audiences around the world.

John Baumann has achieved educational and professional success:

• graduating college summa cum laude, receiving his law degree from Cornell, and passing three bar exams;

• practicing as an attorney for 24 years (including as General Counsel of a Nasdaq listed corporation;

• appearing on CNN Headline News as a legal commentator;

• hosting an internet talk show on Voice America; and

• being selected as the Most Inspiring Professor by the 2009 Scholar Athlete of the Year for the University of Louisville.

Learn Success Today (DVD)

The Learn Success TodayÔ program identifies and explains nine understandable success principles which, if followed, will virtually guarantee increased success. What is unique about this success program it that it provides real, usable, practical, understandable, and memorable Tangible TakeawaysÔ in a storytelling format.

Have you ever thought about what you cannot change about yourself? (No matter how much you want to or no matter how hard you try.) Once you accept what you cannot and don’t need to change, you focus on the things you CAN do and actions you CAN take to Learn Success TodayÔ!!!

John Baumann’s charisma and passion to teach in a storytelling format will give you a memorable way to learn and relate to his nine secrets to success. He is a speaker with over 50 appearances including presentations to executives at major corporations, the staff of not-for-profit companies, and at the request of State Bar Associations, Government Administrations, Chambers of Commerce, law firms, colleges and high schools.

Learn Negotiation Today (DVD)

Attorney & Professor John Baumann, The Inspiring Esquire, has identified FIFTEEN understandable, step-by-step NEGOTIATION PRINCIPLES that will result in YOU being able to Learn Negotiation Today.

In this extraordinary hour long Learn Negotiation Today: Fifteen Steps to Effective Negotiation presentation, Attorney of 24 years & Professor John Baumann will show YOU, with real life examples, exactly how to be a better negotiator.

PRICE LIST: $20 each, any 2 for $30, all 3 for $40

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Learn Negotiation Today by John Baumann The Inspiring Esquire on Creativity

Monday, October 25th, 2010

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Learn Negotiation Today by John Baumann The Inspiring Esquire on Preparation

Monday, October 25th, 2010

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The Inspiring Esquire Full Menu of Programs from Union Avoiadnce to Harassment Prevention to Success

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

(1) Union Avoidance & Irrelevancy: Making the Employee Free Choice Act Irrelevant - A proven-to-be-successful, six phase supervisory skills leadership training approach (Representation, Responsibility, Inclusion, Treatment, Attitude, and Atmosphere) to maintain non-union status and/or neutralize existing unions whether the Act is enacted or not (;

(2) Workplace Injury Reduction: Limbo, how low can you go – reducing injuries in the workplace by obtaining ownership in the deepest level of the organization – 12 “out-of-the-box” ideas to create a Proactive Prevention Culture of Safety  (;

(3) Learn Success Today: Nine Memorable Success Principles for Difficult and Challenging Times – Understandable, proven success principles presented in an easy-to-listen-to storytelling format to accelerate your success (;

(4) Learn Negotiation Today: A Systematic Fifteen-Step Approach to More Effective Negotiation – A user-friendly, proven-to-be-successful, step-by-step approach to substantially improve both your every day bargaining skills as well as high stakes negotiation ability (; and

(5) The Inspiring Esquire: An Inspirational Presentation and Approach to Positively Dealing with a Life-Changing Medical Condition – A personal life philosophy (

CALL OR EMAIL TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION. These extraordinary programs are available NOW as interactive speaking appearances, more interactive workshops, or pursuant to a consultingarrangement.

Inspirational Educational Business Summary

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

JOHN BAUMANN has achieved educational and professional success. Along the way, John has cherished being caregiver to his daughter and positively lives with his own diagnosis of Parkinsons. Throughout it all, John has been able to maintain his sense of humor and what he calls “Posi-spective,” John now dedicates his energy and passion to inspiring others and teaching success. An experienced, yet fresh, speaker with high energy, boundless passion and a focus on giving audiences tangible takeaways. (Positively Handling Adversity) (Enhancing Success - Supervisor Training on Respect & Appreciation – Negotiation) (Harassment Injury Union).