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Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

(1) Perform an Honest Assessment:

Be aware of Weaknesses

Identify areas of natural Talent/Ability/Intelligence

Focus on Your Interests & Play to Your Strengths

(2) Envision (End-Vision): Be There/Experience It

Identify Specific Necessary Steps

(3) Best Effort: Self-Confidence/Image/Worth

(4) Be Prepared & Practice:

Exhaustive Diligence & Rehearsal

(5) Raise Your Level of Intensity:

Focused Passion & Boundless Energy

(6) Seek Out Essential Experiences:

Variety, Stretch & Life (unintended)

Develop ability to exercise good judgment and adaptablity

Learn from mistakes

(7) Develop/ Nurture Contacts & Resources:

Build Your Own Network

(8) Increase Your Level of Awareness: Insights

Continually Question What Is – See Beyond What is Apparent

(9) The “A” List: Focus upon

Anticipation (Trusting Instincts)

Accountability (Uncompromising Integrity)

Attitude (Reclaim Posi-spective)

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Monday, July 5th, 2010

Tying Together All Nine Success Principles

Step-by-step process: Assessment; Envision; Effort; Prepare; Intensity; Experiences; Contacts; Awareness; and Anticipation-Accountability-Attitude. You CAN be more Successful.