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Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

(1) Perform an Honest Assessment:

Be aware of Weaknesses

Identify areas of natural Talent/Ability/Intelligence

Focus on Your Interests & Play to Your Strengths

(2) Envision (End-Vision): Be There/Experience It

Identify Specific Necessary Steps

(3) Best Effort: Self-Confidence/Image/Worth

(4) Be Prepared & Practice:

Exhaustive Diligence & Rehearsal

(5) Raise Your Level of Intensity:

Focused Passion & Boundless Energy

(6) Seek Out Essential Experiences:

Variety, Stretch & Life (unintended)

Develop ability to exercise good judgment and adaptablity

Learn from mistakes

(7) Develop/ Nurture Contacts & Resources:

Build Your Own Network

(8) Increase Your Level of Awareness: Insights

Continually Question What Is – See Beyond What is Apparent

(9) The “A” List: Focus upon

Anticipation (Trusting Instincts)

Accountability (Uncompromising Integrity)

Attitude (Reclaim Posi-spective)

Success Internet Talk Radio Show Voice America – Conclusion

Monday, July 5th, 2010 Episode #13 – Wrapping it up

Professor and Attorney John Baumann

John Baumann has been inspiring audiences for decades and has practiced law for close to a quarter century. This unique combination of his ability to inspire and his years practicing law has resulted in him being referred to as “The Inspiring Esquire.”
John is a Professor in the University of Louisville School of Business, has been a legal commentator on CNN Headline News and has had his article on Proactive Prevention Programs published by the American Management Association.
Mr. Baumann’s broad range of presentations include Learn Success Today: Nine Personal and Professional Success Enhancement Principles; Just Enough to Be Dangerous: What Every Executive Should Know About The Law; Adopt a Workplace Proactive Prevention Program To Increase Bottom-Line Profits: A Corporate Culture Approach; Positively Dealing with Adversity: Anything is Possible When You Believe in Yourself; and Learn Negotiation Today: Fifteen Steps to More Effective Bargaining.
Professor Baumann has been honored as the University of Louisville faculty member who most inspired the 2009 Scholar Athlete of the Year. His educational background includes obtaining his Juris Doctorate from Cornell University and Bachelor of Business Administration Summa Cum Laude from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
John refers to himself as a Proud Person with Parkinsons, being diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinsons at age 43. He lives in Louisville, Kentucky and Naples, Florida.

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The Inspiring Esquire

You CAN be more successful without regard to your intelligence, ability or talent! Our unique approach to enhance personal and professional success is to elevate awareness, understanding and ability to anticipate by presenting instructive real life stories, engaging imagery and appropriate humor.”
Our success enhancement topics include assessment and envisioning strategies; the importance of effort in building self-confidence; raising ones level of intensity; seeking out essential experiences and learning from mistakes; developing and nurturing contacts and resources; increasing ones level of awareness by continually questioning what is and seeing beyond what is apparent; and how critical attitude is to overcome adversity.
Topics necessary for success also include having a basic understanding of the law, focusing upon proactivity, and effective negotiation skills.
The Inspiring Esquire airs live Mondays at 1 PM Pacific on VoiceAmerica Business.

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