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John M. Baumann JD, BBA, author of DECIDE SUCCESS (Twelve Action Steps): You Ain’t Dead Yet, is an internationally-renowned National Speakers Association inspirational success speaker. The DECIDE SUCCESS principles help real people deal with life-changing events providing Twelve Action Steps for them to live their lives to the fullest. For him, it was Parkinson’s Disease at the ripe young age of 41. For others, it may be another disease, an injury, loss of a job, loss of a loved one, relocation, divorce, issues with children, and even marriage. The DECIDE SUCCESS principles also help students obtain the most from school, those starting out in the workforce succeed and even someone taking up a new sport or hobby do their best.

Be sure to view his 2 minute inspirational video by going to TheInspiringEsquire.com and clicking on the “Look” flap on the top right corner of the opening page. The Kindle version of DECIDE SUCCESS is now available at Amazon.com and the book can be purchased from TheInspiringEsquire.com or through Amazon.com. John will be interviewed on WAVE3 Sunday morning November 27th at 7:30am and signing books after making a presentation at Joseph Beth Bookstore in Lexington on November 30th at 7pm.

University of Louisville Professor John Baumann says it took being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 41, to get him living life to the fullest. Now he’s sharing his life-changing experience with others through a book titled: “Decide Success: You Ain’t Dead Yet. 12 Action Steps to Achieve the Success You Truly Deserve.”

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