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John Baumann is taking on a limited number of clients for coaching

John Baumann, internationally-recognized National Speaker Association inspirational, motivational and educational speaker, is making himself available to individuals for up to 15 total hours a week of coaching on his many areas of knowledge.

John’s academic coaching credentials are based upon his graduating summa cum laude from the University of Massachusetts, College of Business, graduation from Cornell Law School, being on the faculty of the University of Louisville, College of Business for a decade, and author of his critically-acclaimed book entitled: Decide Success – You ain’t dead yet.

John’s law experience prowess is based upon his experience as a General Counsel for 25 years focused primarily on employment, discrimination, labor relations, union and employment issues.

John’s experience effectively dealing with a chronic illness comes from his 15 years with parkinson’s disease and the over 100 Symposiums at which he has been a Keynote Speaker, Breakout session facilitator, and attendee. He may be the most knowledgable person with Parkinson’s alive and he is willing to share that information with a limited number of you.

If you want to be one of the limited number of participants, please call John at 502-262-3300.

The range of people who would benefit from John’s coaching include:
(1) Parkinson’s patients (especially newly diagnosed and early onset),
(2) their care partners,
(3) any person with a chronic illness,
(4) students who want to do better at school,
(5) the parents of children who want them to do better at school,
(6) students who want a better LSAT score,
(7) students who want help in passing the bar exam (John has passed three state bar exams),
(8) Presidents of businesses considering the costs and benefits of brining on an in-house attorney, or

(9) Presidents of businesses that need to address (or want to proactively prevent) harassment and discrimination issues.


John Baumann Brings His 15 Years To Coaching Individuals

John Baumann’s mission statement is “what you have done matters, what you are doing matters more, but what matters the most is what you have left to do.”

Mr. Baumann graduated from Cornell Law School, passed three state bar exams, worked for 28 years as an attorney, was on the faulty of the University of Louisville College of Business and was the Chair of the Kentucky Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Following his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease in 2002 at 41 years old, he committed to focus his energy (fatigue was one of his symptoms), on finding out what he could do to slow, if not cease, the progression of the disease, then how to summon the inner strength and self-discipline to do what he needed to do.

Mr. Baumann has reinvented himself into a National Speaker Association presenter on how to have the best quality of life possible after an adverse life-changing event (for example, Parkinson’s or becoming a care partner), how to become more successful at just about anything, and how to create a more positive and cooperative workplace culture.

Professor Baumann also wrote a book entitled, “Decide Success – You ain’t dead yet.” John has become is a life-coach for People with Parkinson’s, their care partners, and anyone else dealing with a significant life event. John has been on numerous radio shows, been the subject of dozens of articles, contributed to several other books and appeared on live TV, including CNN Headline News.

John has presented at over 100 Symposiums across the United States and Canada as well as France, Malaysia and Puerto Rico. Mr. Baumann was recently honored to be elected to the World Parkinson’s Program Board as the Patient Mentorship Committee Chair. His mission (or purpose) is to present his life philosophy to everyone involved in the Parkinson’s community and beyond …


Upcoming Opportunities to hear John Baumann LIVE

1) August 20 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Friends of Parkinson’s event.
2) September 3 in Tallahassee, Florida.
3) September 17 in Summit, New Jersey.

CALL for details. 502-262-3300



The World Parkinson’s Program Board is honored to introduce its newest Board member, John M. Baumann, who will be chairing the Patient’s Mentorship Program. Mr. Baumann is uniquely qualified for this position due to his skills as an internationally recognized inspirational and motivational speaker. John has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s for the past 14 years and his success in managing Parkinson’s serves a tremendous role model and inspiration for others.

John graduated from Cornell Law School and the faculty member of University of Louisville for over a decade. He was a corporate attorney for 22 years.

John is also an author of several publications including Decide Success (You Ain’t Dead Yet), Roadmap to Success (with a chapter contributed by Deepak Chopra), Courageous Stories of Inspiration, The Art of Mentorship, and Adopting a Proactive Prevention Program. John has been a guest commentator on CNN Headline News and countless other TV and radio shows.

John is a member of the National Speakers Association in the United States.
He has been the chair and board member of Kentucky Chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Kentucky Chamber of Congress, Board of Junior Achievement, and Parkinson’s Support Center of Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Mr. Baumann has delivered keynote inspirational speeches to audiences in several countries including Malaysia, France, Puerto Rico, Canada, and throughout the United States.

He and his wife, Bernadette, live near Tampa, Florida. USA

Mr. Baumann is extremely excited to take on this role with the World Parkinson Program and enjoyed delivering the keynote speech at the WPP Gala held in Toronto in April 2016.