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3 Secrets Revealed Article

Three Secrets Revealed

How to Live an Amazing Life with Parkinson’s:
You Have the Ability to Control More of your Quality of Life than you Think

I have Parkinson’s disease; it does NOT have me.

These are not just words: they are my life’s mission. I will continue to do ALL the things I have always done as well as I can, for as long as I can and, along the way, help (mentor) as many people as possible. This applies to any life-changing events that we may experience during our lives.

Some set as a goal: To Live Well with Parkinson’s. I say, “Don’t settle for just living well. Instead, choose to Live an Amazing Life with Parkinson’s or, for that matter, any other life-changing condition.”

How is that possible?

It means doing whatever it takes to slow this, or any other, disease or condition, including:
(1) only putting healthy things into your body;
(2) exercise every day beyond your comfort zone; and
(3) maintain a positive attitude – get “engaged.”

It would behoove any one, with or without an adverse life-changing event, to do adopt these life principles; however, enduring the residual and ongoing effects of such an event increases the necessity.

These things are not always easy to do. In fact, they are often very hard, but you HAVE to do it. You have no choice. This is your new JOB. Not one that you applied for or sought out in any way, but one that you obtained just the same.

This life is not a dress rehearsal. It is the live production. Each of us has the power and strength within us if we dig deep enough. Dig deep. This is what I talk about in my inspirational, motivational and educational presentations in the United States and around the world (

First, schedule out what you will be eating and when each day for the week. Simply put, watch lots of documentaries (i.e. Food Matters, Forks Over Knives, Vegucated, Hungry For Change, and Fed Up). They will change your thinking about what you put in your body.

Second, schedule out your exercise plan for the week. You need to perform daily exercises that result in you stretching, sweating and strengthening beyond your comfort zone. I recommend hot yoga, deep tissue massages plus some additional strength training. You will need to get used to the hot yoga environment, but, for me, yoga has done wonders.

Third, I only spend time with positive people, read inspirational information and watch uplifting programs including, you guessed it, documentaries (i.e. I Am and Happy). I have focused upon the “silver lining” and not the dark cloud that is Parkinson’s. I have worked through, and am still working through, the emotional rollercoaster of denial, disbelief, shock, embarrassment, anger, sadness, disappointment and depression. I have not just accepted Parkinson’s in my life, but have actually embraced it.

Stay “engaged.” I am a professional speaker, author, and teacher, now instead of an attorney. I get to influence young minds by speaking on success at schools and other organizations. I get to travel the world teaching my twelve Decide Success principles (my book is titled Decide Success: You Ain’t Dead Yet) and inspiring people who have had an adverse or tragic life-changing events, including (but not exclusively) being diagnosed with Parkinson’s or had a loved one diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

My “spare” time is spent helping nonprofit causes like Make-A-Wish Foundation and various Parkinson’s associations. In fact, although I am new to Arizona, I am Chair the annual Parkinson’s Moving Day Phoenix event.

The world’s response to the “Ice Bucket Challenge” confirms my deeply held belief that people simply care about each other. To endure iced water poured over your head and to send donations in the magnitude of what has been received is truly heartwarming.

I am a different person than I was pre-Parkinson’s. Some have said, “A kinder, gentler John Baumann.” One set of “blinders” has been removed. I see things that I have never noticed before concerning what really matters in life. I am not as interested in material things. I have a whole new set of “real” friends in the Parkinson’s, yoga and fitness community that I have “bonded” with due to our common issues and passions. I feel like I am making a “difference.” My life has purpose and I am focused upon leaving a legacy.

In addition, I am more physically fit than I have ever been in my life. I have lost those 40 pounds that I knew that I needed to lose, but never even tried. My bad cholesterol level is down from 180 (very high) to 105 (normal). The unbelievably part is that I have had this degenerative, progressive, irreversible, neurological, incurable disease for almost 13 years and you would not know it by looking at me (at least most of the time).

Finally, and most importantly, during my journey with Parkinson’s, I met and married my love, my chef, my workout partner, my friend, my sidekick, my wife, my Bernadette. I truly am living an Amazing Life with Parkinson’s. So can you.


Hot Topics


I. Parkinson’s Saved My Life: Really? … Really!
Truly believing that everything happens “for the best” is a life philosophy that brings the higher level of awareness necessary to make the decision to successfully embrace life’s challenges.

The presenter draws on his own personal experiences with a progressive, degenerative disease early in his adult life to demonstrate that even being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease can actually be a life-saving event. He discusses his life in 2002 when he was diagnosed and compares it to the quality of his life today. If this can be done faced with living with this incurable disease for the remainder of his life, surely the people in your organization can decide to work more positively in turning challenges into opportunities to excel.

II. If I had Decided to Stay, I would not be Alive Today!
Recognizing that, when a decision is made, avenues that are not chosen may no longer be available, it becomes imperative that a structured approach to decision-making be utilized.

The presenter provides twelve action steps that will assist individuals and organizations in making better decisions. The presenter draws on his own personal experiences when he had to make very difficult decisions in his life including deciding to not stay in (adopt) the typical mindset of a person faced with an incurable, degenerative disease. As the presenter says, “Ultimately, my life depended upon my decision-making ability.” You and the people in your organization can decide to make better decisions utilizing many of the same action steps.

III. Every Glass is Actually Full.
Finally the definitive answer to the age-old question whether a glass is half full or half empty becomes apparent when we no longer ignore the third element (gas).

The presenter provides an uplifting look into the power of positive thinking including his approach to living well with Parkinson’s since 2002. Once we decide that nothing is impossible, everything becomes possible. The people in your organization will have their blinders removed by the presenter, what they decide to do with the information presented is entirely up to them. You can have a more positive workforce.

IV. Just Enough to be Dangerous.
What every person in every organization should know about the law.

As Detective Friday is famous for saying, “Just the facts, ma’am.” The presenter provides basic legal tenets of the full range of legal subjects that affect the workplace. The people in your organization will know enough to decide when they need to seek legal advice for a workplace issue and, more importantly, know if the attorney they are working with is the right one for the job. All lawyers are not created equal.

V. Positive Peer Pressure.
A novel approach to proactive prevention of workplace issues.

The presenter demonstrates how harassment can become non-existent, labor issues can be avoided, and even injuries can be reduced, not by just employing the same techniques that have always been used (policy in the handbook, orientation or annual videos, and progressive discipline), but by convincing the entire workforce that it is in their best interest to decide to get involved in this mission and that you truly care about them. The methods used have been demonstrated to be effective. The best people in your organization will be happier, more productive and stay with you longer.


Mid-2013 Speaking Engagements open to the Public for John Baumann, Author of DECIDE SUCCESS

Contact me for details:


Shou … shou … bang: moving more quickly through the stages of the emotional rollercoaster in order to embrace your Parkinson’s disease on solid ground

John Baumann1
1Faculty, University of Louisville, Kentucky, United States

Objective: To enlighten and empower Parkinson’s patients as to the significant influence that each of us has over the quality of our own life.

Methods: I identified the emotional issues or phases that typically result from a Parkinson’s diagnosis (shock, disbelief, denial, anger, difficulty disclosing to others, social awkwardness, isolation and depression) and determined what can be done to eliminate, or, at least move through, these difficult and undesirable emotional phases more quickly. I identified what could be done to accept and embrace life with Parkinson’s, including what I could do to reverse, if not, slow the progression.

Results: I concluded that there are action steps that can be followed to be more successful. I then applied these steps to my life with Parkinson’s. I conducted an assessment of what I could still do. I envisioned myself with the highest quality of life possible doing what I was still able to do. On a daily basis, I reminded myself to live in the moment; to continually update my “bucket list” and experience each item; to keep a positive attitude; to have faith in myself; to eat healthy, organic food; to exercise daily, gradually moving every day further out of my comfort zone; to perform activities that keep me mentally sharp; to discover and rediscover my life’s purpose (currently as an inspirational speaker and author: Decide Success – You Ain’t Dead Yet); to be more loving, kind and compassionate; and to accept, and even embrace, Parkinson’s by finding meaning (silver linings) in the disease. The ultimate result of enacting this plan is that I am healthier now, over ten years into my Parkinson’s, than I ever was before I started exhibiting symptoms of Parkinson’s. My conclusion is that anyone with Parkinson’s can take steps to improve the quality of their life.

John M. Baumann JD, BBA, NSA is an renowned inspirational success speaker, author of DECIDE SUCCESS and teaches at the University of Louisville, College of Business. John helps real people to live their lives to the fullest and even embrace their situation.

In 2002, at 41, working as the top attorney for a public company, John was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He is a living example of what healthy living and positive attitude can improve one’s quality of life.

John contributed to Roadmap to Success, along with Dr. Ken Blanchard and Deepak Chopra and been a commentator on CNN HEADLINE NEWS. His most recent publication is the first chapter of a compilation on The Art of Living Well: John Baumann’s no nonsense, in your face, extremely effective self-improvement edicts for those who are absolutely, positively committed to transform themselves: Moving Forward.

John has hosted an Internet talk show on success (with more than 50,000 monthly listeners) and is a contributor to the books Courageous Stories of Inspiration and The Peripatetic Pursuit of Parkinson’s Disease. As The Inspiring Esquire, John has produced two DVDs (Learn Success Today and Learn Negotiation Today) and a CD (Reclaiming Posi-spective). John is particularly proud of being selected the Most Inspiring Professor by the University of Louisville Scholar – Athlete of the Year and nominated as a 2011 Faculty Favorite. John has taught a class at the Brandeis School of Law.

John dedicates his energy and passion to inspiring others and teaching success to audiences around the world. He qualified as a full member of the National Speakers Association his first year of eligibility and is an experienced, yet fresh, speaker with boundless passion. John is also a practicing attorney, workshop facilitator and consultant in proactive workplace harassment elimination and injury reduction ( John also helps employers properly work with employees who become disabled and represents employees whose employers do not ( John earned his Juris Doctorate degree from Cornell Law School after graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts School of Management. As an attorney, Mr. Baumann has passed the bar and practiced law in Texas, Louisiana and New Jersey before becoming General Counsel of a NASDAQ listed corporation headquartered in Kentucky. John is also Chair of the Make-A-Wish Foundation Board of Directors. John has cherished being caregiver to his daughter (who has flourished despite being born with life threatening birth defects and cerebral palsy) and father to a college-aged son at the University of Kentucky.

John has made presentations with amazing reviews in Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Burlington (VT), Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Louisville, Miami, New Orleans, Palm Desert (CA), Philadelphia, Phoenix, Regina (Canada), Sioux Falls (SD), St. Louis, St. Thomas (VI), San Juan (PR), Santa Fe, Tulsa, Utica (NY), and will be speaking at the World Parkinsons Congress in Montreal in October.



Inspire your team and bring an excellent leadership conference today to your business. “One of the best! It makes me appreciate everything the good Lord has blessed me with.”
Senior Program Manager

John: How do I thank you – let me count the ways …. you came, you thrilled, you brought people to tears, you brought people to laughter, but, most importantly, you inspired. Thank you.
Executive Director

John Baumann is not just a living example of the how to reclaim, what he calls “posi-spective,” and how to live life to the fullest faced with any life-changing events (for him, becoming a caregiver to his daughter in 1996, himself being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at 41 in 2002, ending a 17-year marriage in 2007, and needing to leave his full-time position as an executive officer due to his medical condition in 2008), he provides valuable guidance and insights on helping others achieve success as a student, in their profession, in a relationship, and at living life to the fullest after life-changing events.

John Baumann is prominent, passionate National Speakers Association inspirational presenter and success workshop facilitator who uses humorous stories, “engaging imagery,” and his experience as a college faculty member (selected “Most inspiring Professor”) to provide memorable insights to attendees along with valuable and unique, personal and professional “Tangible Takeaways” on how to become more successful.

John tailors all his engagements based on the specific needs of the audience. Some of his success workshops and inspirational presentations address actions to take within organizations to successfully inspire employees to flourish often during a change. Others have been focused toward healthcare audiences addressing the hardships of that role and how to remain positive. John passionately addresses his peers who have Parkinson’s Disease, or any other life-changing medical condition, to encourage, inspire and help them live their lives to the fullest in a less than optimal health condition.

John Baumann is also available for one-on-one coaching and consultations.

A graduate of Cornell Law School and practicing attorney for 25 years, John has written or contributed to several books including his own book titled DECIDE SUCCESS, Roadmap to Success (with Deepak Chopra and Dr. Ken Blanchard), and Courageous Stories of Inspiration (with Dr. Robert Schuller and Ann Jillian.) He has hosted his own internet talk show on success called The Inspiring Esquire (50,000 monthly listeners) and, among other television appearances, has been a guest on CNN Headline News, Prime News, and WAVE –TV Sunday Sunrise as well as countless radio appearances.

Workshops based upon his book DECIDE SUCCESS: 12 Action Steps to Achieve The Success You Truly Decide and inspirational presentations are motivating as well as educational. Each event hosted 50 to as many as 1000 Attendees: Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa, Miami, Florida; Rehabilitation Centers, Saskatchewan, Canada; Building Materials Association, Kentucky; Norton Healthcare Leadership Conference; Sunflower Revolution, Cincinnati, Ohio; Warehouse Markets, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Healthcare Underwriters. Parkinson’s Symposiums: Muhammad Ali Center in Phoenix, Arizona, Houston, Texas, Burlington, Vermont, Indiana Pacers Pre-game Event, Birmingham, Alabama; Indianapolis, Indiana, St. Louis, Missouri, Central New York (Grand Marshal) and the Northwest Parkinson’s Association Alaskan cruise.

SARC Executive Director: “Your personal stories of growth and optimism struck a deep cord with those in attendance. If motivation was your only goal, you succeeded. However, if you were striving to inspire deep belly laughter, internal reflection, misty eyes, and a healthy dose of “open your eyes to the world that surrounds” as they say in Hollywood, you nailed it! Your engaging presentation left us all thinking about how to embrace and renew our life. Conference evaluations only confirmed how I felt: ”Wow. Loved John Baumann as keynote speaker!!” “Such a motivated speaker. I will think of him and his life challenges when I am feeling down myself. His life experience stories and courageous stories, make for a truly self-assessment and urge to change.” “Wonderful presenter! Touching, funny, inspirational!” “John Baumann was excellent. I didn’t want the presentation to end. What a ‘Grand Finale’!” “Amazing!”

JOHN M. BAUMANN BBA, JD 502.262.3300