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August 29, 2016

John Baumann is taking on a limited number of clients for coaching

John Baumann, internationally-recognized National Speaker Association inspirational, motivational and educational speaker, is making himself available to individuals for up to 15 total hours a week of coaching on his many areas of knowledge.

John’s academic coaching credentials are based upon his graduating summa cum laude from the University of Massachusetts, College of Business, graduation from Cornell Law School, being on the faculty of the University of Louisville, College of Business for a decade, and author of his critically-acclaimed book entitled: Decide Success – You ain’t dead yet.

John’s law experience prowess is based upon his experience as a General Counsel for 25 years focused primarily on employment, discrimination, labor relations, union and employment issues.

John’s experience effectively dealing with a chronic illness comes from his 15 years with parkinson’s disease and the over 100 Symposiums at which he has been a Keynote Speaker, Breakout session facilitator, and attendee. He may be the most knowledgable person with Parkinson’s alive and he is willing to share that information with a limited number of you.

If you want to be one of the limited number of participants, please call John at 502-262-3300.

The range of people who would benefit from John’s coaching include:
(1) Parkinson’s patients (especially newly diagnosed and early onset),
(2) their care partners,
(3) any person with a chronic illness,
(4) students who want to do better at school,
(5) the parents of children who want them to do better at school,
(6) students who want a better LSAT score,
(7) students who want help in passing the bar exam (John has passed three state bar exams),
(8) Presidents of businesses considering the costs and benefits of brining on an in-house attorney, or

(9) Presidents of businesses that need to address (or want to proactively prevent) harassment and discrimination issues.

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