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January 16, 2014

John Baumann – Parkinson’s Inspiration – Newest Hot Topics

Hot Topics

I. Parkinson’s Saved My Life: Really? … Really!
Truly believing that everything happens “for the best” is a life philosophy that brings the higher level of awareness necessary to make the decision to successfully embrace life’s challenges.

The presenter draws on his own personal experiences with a progressive, degenerative disease early in his adult life to demonstrate that even being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease can actually be a life-saving event. He discusses his life in 2002 when he was diagnosed and compares it to the quality of his life today. If this can be done faced with living with this incurable disease for the remainder of his life, surely the people in your organization can decide to work more positively in turning challenges into opportunities to excel.

II. If I had Decided to Stay, I would not be Alive Today!
Recognizing that, when a decision is made, avenues that are not chosen may no longer be available, it becomes imperative that a structured approach to decision-making be utilized.

The presenter provides twelve action steps that will assist individuals and organizations in making better decisions. The presenter draws on his own personal experiences when he had to make very difficult decisions in his life including deciding to not stay in (adopt) the typical mindset of a person faced with an incurable, degenerative disease. As the presenter says, “Ultimately, my life depended upon my decision-making ability.” You and the people in your organization can decide to make better decisions utilizing many of the same action steps.

III. Every Glass is Actually Full.
Finally the definitive answer to the age-old question whether a glass is half full or half empty becomes apparent when we no longer ignore the third element (gas).

The presenter provides an uplifting look into the power of positive thinking including his approach to living well with Parkinson’s since 2002. Once we decide that nothing is impossible, everything becomes possible. The people in your organization will have their blinders removed by the presenter, what they decide to do with the information presented is entirely up to them. You can have a more positive workforce.

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