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December 9, 2013


My first poem: Embracing Adversity

Embrace Adversity.
You’ve got to.
What else can you do?
Give up?
Not Try?
Not an option.

Adversity in every life.
Rich or poor.
Smart or dumb.
Black or white.
Christian or Muslim.
Celebrity or average Joe.

Illness or injury.
Of yourself or loved one.
Death of someone close to you.
End of a relationship or divorce.
Loss or unwelcome change of job.
Financial hardship.

For me, Parkinson’s.
Young Onset at 41.
Hand tremor.
Blank face.
Illegible handwriting.
Unmistakable diagnosis.

Not “my” Parkinson’s.
Just Parkinson’s.
It is what it is.
Not me.
Still the same person.
Not my identity.

Feel the emotions.
No repressing allowed.
Will come out other ways.
Count on it.
Life is emotions.
Good and bad.

Denial and Disbelief.
Shock and Anger.
Anxiety and Fear.
Isolation and Depression.
Why? Why me?
No answers.

Get over it.
Just Get Over It.
Work through your emotions.
Whatever works for you.
So long as no one is hurt.
Especially you.

For the best.
Not “for a reason.”
Figure out how.
Think hard.
Remove your blinders.
Put on your rose-colored glasses.

Need a plan to take care of me.
Continually access.
What works for you?
Daily actions.
Goal: maintain quality of life.
How about improve instead?

Eat healthy food.
Stay up-to-date.
Stay active
With enough rest.
Positive perspective.

Walk, jog, spin.
Lift, box, swing.
Meditate, therapy, medicate.
Tai chi, zumba, hot yoga.
Acupuncture, holistic treatments.
Whatever works.

Do what you can.
All anyone can ask.
Do something daily.
Make it a habit.
Day off now and then.
Exception, not the rule.

Outside your comfort zone.
Only way to transform.
Baby steps.
One day at a time.
Feel good about it.

Your quality of life.
For your care partner.
For your family.
For yourself.
Cause you only get one life.

Attitude is key.
If you want nothing.
You have everything.
Silver lining in every cloud.
Glass is always full.
Decide Success

To reinvent myself.
To finally write that book.
To live in new places.
To volunteer.
To help other’s succeed.

My silver lining.
More time to enjoy life.
Feel healthier than ever.
Destine to teach others.
Love my care partner.
Travel and meet awesome people.

Life has purpose.
What is my purpose?
Inspire people in pain.
Instill hope where none exists.
Bring humor and tears.
Lead by example.

Help others find their purpose.
Leave a legacy.
Make a difference.
Become a better human being.
More compassion and empathy.
Faith, Forgiveness, Infinite love.

Embrace Adversity.
Not accept, but actually embrace.
Easy to say, hard to do.
Defines you as a person.
You have the power.
Use that power.

Embrace Parkinson’s.
Muhammad Ali
Michael J. Fox
Davis Phinney
Why not you?
Embrace Adversity.

Embrace Life-changing events.
Embrace your new life.
Embrace the positives.
Embrace Every Day.
Embrace Life.
Yes, Embrace Adversity.

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  1. Feb 12 2016

    Sherri, Just stumbled on your PD blog. Since I was digeaosnd by a neurologist with PD in late 2009 (had some balance issues then), I have gotten a bit worse. One of the things I’ve noticed is my computer typing I now have to carefully go over what I just typed for I’m making NUMEROUS typos guess the fingers don’t work so well anymore. What a nuisance!I’m planning to give up the guiding at end of this year, and am giving up a long-time hobby target shooting with black powder Civil War-style guns I’m a member of the North-South Skirmish Assn.

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