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February 14, 2013


Inspire your team and bring an excellent leadership conference today to your business. “One of the best! It makes me appreciate everything the good Lord has blessed me with.”
Senior Program Manager

John: How do I thank you – let me count the ways …. you came, you thrilled, you brought people to tears, you brought people to laughter, but, most importantly, you inspired. Thank you.
Executive Director

John Baumann is not just a living example of the how to reclaim, what he calls “posi-spective,” and how to live life to the fullest faced with any life-changing events (for him, becoming a caregiver to his daughter in 1996, himself being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at 41 in 2002, ending a 17-year marriage in 2007, and needing to leave his full-time position as an executive officer due to his medical condition in 2008), he provides valuable guidance and insights on helping others achieve success as a student, in their profession, in a relationship, and at living life to the fullest after life-changing events.

John Baumann is prominent, passionate National Speakers Association inspirational presenter and success workshop facilitator who uses humorous stories, “engaging imagery,” and his experience as a college faculty member (selected “Most inspiring Professor”) to provide memorable insights to attendees along with valuable and unique, personal and professional “Tangible Takeaways” on how to become more successful.

John tailors all his engagements based on the specific needs of the audience. Some of his success workshops and inspirational presentations address actions to take within organizations to successfully inspire employees to flourish often during a change. Others have been focused toward healthcare audiences addressing the hardships of that role and how to remain positive. John passionately addresses his peers who have Parkinson’s Disease, or any other life-changing medical condition, to encourage, inspire and help them live their lives to the fullest in a less than optimal health condition.

John Baumann is also available for one-on-one coaching and consultations.

A graduate of Cornell Law School and practicing attorney for 25 years, John has written or contributed to several books including his own book titled DECIDE SUCCESS, Roadmap to Success (with Deepak Chopra and Dr. Ken Blanchard), and Courageous Stories of Inspiration (with Dr. Robert Schuller and Ann Jillian.) He has hosted his own internet talk show on success called The Inspiring Esquire (50,000 monthly listeners) and, among other television appearances, has been a guest on CNN Headline News, Prime News, and WAVE –TV Sunday Sunrise as well as countless radio appearances.

Workshops based upon his book DECIDE SUCCESS: 12 Action Steps to Achieve The Success You Truly Decide and inspirational presentations are motivating as well as educational. Each event hosted 50 to as many as 1000 Attendees: Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa, Miami, Florida; Rehabilitation Centers, Saskatchewan, Canada; Building Materials Association, Kentucky; Norton Healthcare Leadership Conference; Sunflower Revolution, Cincinnati, Ohio; Warehouse Markets, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Healthcare Underwriters. Parkinson’s Symposiums: Muhammad Ali Center in Phoenix, Arizona, Houston, Texas, Burlington, Vermont, Indiana Pacers Pre-game Event, Birmingham, Alabama; Indianapolis, Indiana, St. Louis, Missouri, Central New York (Grand Marshal) and the Northwest Parkinson’s Association Alaskan cruise.

SARC Executive Director: “Your personal stories of growth and optimism struck a deep cord with those in attendance. If motivation was your only goal, you succeeded. However, if you were striving to inspire deep belly laughter, internal reflection, misty eyes, and a healthy dose of “open your eyes to the world that surrounds” as they say in Hollywood, you nailed it! Your engaging presentation left us all thinking about how to embrace and renew our life. Conference evaluations only confirmed how I felt: ”Wow. Loved John Baumann as keynote speaker!!” “Such a motivated speaker. I will think of him and his life challenges when I am feeling down myself. His life experience stories and courageous stories, make for a truly self-assessment and urge to change.” “Wonderful presenter! Touching, funny, inspirational!” “John Baumann was excellent. I didn’t want the presentation to end. What a ‘Grand Finale’!” “Amazing!”

JOHN M. BAUMANN BBA, JD 502.262.3300

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