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October 15, 2012

Thoughts on Unhealthy Behavior

Why do people hurt themselves. Whether it be drink to excess, abuse drugs, eat unhealthy food to excess, smoke, cheat on their committed partner, you name it.

Seems to me it boils down to one or both of two fundamental life circumstances: dull the pain of a past or ongoing situation and/or get a rush.
Everyone has some form of tragedy at some point in their lives, actually many. Some can be devastating. Until you are able to come to terms with the hand that life dealt you, accept it, make the best of it, reclaim positive perspective, let it go or take action to get out of the situation, you will continue to abuse yourself to dull the pain.
Some people believe that their life is not interesting enough whether it be their marriage, job, free time, etc. Drugs, affairs, drinking, shoplifting, speeding, even sugar product, provide a rush.
How to be happy. Perform a self-assessment focusing on raising your level of awareness. What do you do to dull the pain and/or get the rush? Is it healthy?

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