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September 19, 2012


Learn about Bernadette:

Bernadette Baumann is both an exercise enthusiast and Nutritional Nancy Drew. Having her love, her husband, Inspirational Speaker and Author John Baumann, in the Parkinson’s community has brought a more focused passion to Bernadette’s awareness of nutrition and exercise.

Her true passion is to understand the wonderful Parkinson’s community. She has researched, through symposiums and summits, concluding that our goal is to reverse his symptoms and all people suffering movement disorders through injecting attitude, exercise and nutrition into their lifestyles. She has witnessed a considerable change in her husband John’s symptoms 5 to 8 year reversal of symptoms with in the first six month, with his change and dedication. Bernadette’s favorite saying is, ” I just ask him to show up. If needed, I will always carry him.”

She earned her Bachelor of Science degree at Shippensburg in 1994 and is a student of Nesta National Exercise and Sports Training Association.

Parkinson’s is a team and family illness, that Bernadette and John have dedicated teaching and spreading their knowledge to all Parkinson’s patients especially those with Young Onset and those newly-diagnosed through

Parkinson’s is not the end … it is the beginning. Find new ways to deal with symptoms and one day they will find a cure.  Bernadette recently finished the San Francisco half Marathon and helped raise thousand for Team Parkinson’s…in honor of her husband and all families that have been affected.

Her talk will include the importance of untraditional timing, 7:1 protein to carb ration…animal proteins and its inhabitants to leva dopa carbadopa, micronutrients, examples specific exercise and the research I have learned, not to mention my biggest success story, my husband John.  All thoughts are welcome. Open for any other ideas ….

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