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August 25, 2012

Inspiring Brazilians Come to Visit

Dear John,

We will premiere our first episode at next sunday with your 10 sec message at the beginning, but Erick decide to post-produce a 3 minutes block about my decisionto stay in your house, but much more than a house in wood, we found a very special person…John Baumann. Okay, as we dont have time and people enough to translate it in english, I’m sending you this part (almost done, but without post production…audio and video not setting okay yet )of our second TV Show, first to know if you like it. Anyway, We would like to show it tom our audience, since you agree. So, I’ll Try to translate the portuguese parts…

scene 1 in portuguese, Erick talks to the camera: the hotel was nearly booked, almost ready to come and suddenly I said that site, he decided to enter it and …
scene 2 in portuguese, at the car: lack only half an hour to go home to my father rented…look at the size of the problem that your father arranged for us…you saw him talking, one kilometer has 8 houses and nothing … nothing…
scene 3 in portuguese: Marcos talks to the camera: John is a person who fights against the difficulties of Parkinson’s and he discovered in himself an inner strength to give motivation to others … wrote two books ….. you get a house and find a person who motivates others to seek the best in their lives … Is not it wonderful?
scene 4 in portuguese: Alexandre talks to the camera: He is an inspiring man … who tries to overcome the problems … try to overcome all … is a strong man …
scene 5 in portuguese: was an interesting surprise … earned (I’m sure about the last word that in portuguse means more than “was good!!!”)

Soon you will receive a link to download the low resolution video file…I hope you enjoy it




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