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December 12, 2011


Victory Summit

So kind of you to give your book Decide Success to me at recent Parkinson’s conference in Tulsa!

I have started reading it and will let you know impact on my life ! I felt such soulful energy from you .. Glad you enjoyed massages from Tameisha .. Will pass the gift from the lessons from your book to others! One new opportunity have chosen to tell others about a new product out of Texas called Nerium
.. John it is a great night creme with the science to back it ..brand new company .. Check it out .. Give Nerium a try / be grateful if u passed website on to others if possible as well ! When approached by a nurse I know to hear about the product .. I looked over on my car seat and saw your book because I have kept it in my car….. The gift is the people , relationships , energy and pursuing dreams .. Taking actions ! Thanks may you be truly Blessed this holiday season !! Respectfully, Rosie

Janice “Rosie” Lee MSW,LCSW
Tranquility Hospice

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  1. Aleksey Graboviy
    Dec 14 2011

    I wanted to add to the comments about Decide Success. This is one of the most applicable real-life books I have ever read. I have read legendary motivational books like Maxwell’s The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader and Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. However, none of these books compare to the tangibly useful material I have discovered in Mr. Baumann’s book. Instead of the obscure concepts that I have encountered in other books, Mr. Baumann gives me action steps to develop the concepts that other authors only describe. Also, the material in his book not only addresses professional success but also personal success. I find this especially valuable since it shows a coherence in his theory that I have not seen with other authors. It seems that Mr. Baumann presents steps that would allow one to be successful without endangering relational and personal auspiciousness. By and large, Mr. Baumann distinguishes himself from other authors through the right-now applicability of his plan. If you are looking for defined steps that will elevate your professional, personal, and relational self to newfound heights then I would most certainly recommend this book. It is well written, engaging, and most importantly–implementable.

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