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April 17, 2011

Parkinsons Awareness Event at NBA Pacers Game

It was great working with you again . When the people started coming in, I got the greatest feeling I have had in a while to see all of the people that were coming to the event that Linda and I organized and put together. I have always enjoyed giving to other people, this by far is this biggest thing I have done to give back to people. The program, from what I hear, was really great.  Your part of the presentation helped everyone put things into perspective and was very informative. I wish we would have got to talk more before or after the game, but things were a little chaotic. I really enjoyed meeting your son. He was very nice and helped out setting up the tables for the program. We have your CD’s until you tell us what you want us to do with them. I look forward to seeing you. Did PAACI talk to you about doing a symposium in the fall or do we need to keep on them? We will be there in Cincinatti to help you out as well. Anytime you need us to help with anything and we are available, we will be there.

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