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December 1, 2010


University of Louisville lacrosse team presentation on Success by John Baumann

John Baumann presents to the University of Louisville lacrosse team on the first of twelve success steps: Honest Assessment.

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  1. Kristine Eramo
    Dec 2 2010

    I enjoyed listening to John Baumann talk about success because it is a part of everyone’s life. We are all tyring to succeed in some way or another. I have never thought about a weakness as an opportunity or challenge. We are all faced with many “weaknesses” each and everyday. He made many good points about adapting to our weaknesses or overcoming our weaknesses. I enjoyed listening to him comparing our American society to the Israel society when it comes to assessing strengths and weaknesses. I need to do an honest assessment of myself and make my teammates feel comfortable in helping me so then I can improve. I have never looked at it this way and I enjoyed listening to this speech.

  2. Dec 2 2010

    This video was interesting and I enjoyed watching it. It is important to remember that you should consistently be preparing yourself for success. John Baumann says one way to do this is to know your strengths and weaknesses. I want to suggest a book that allows you to assess your strengths, “Strengths Finder 2.0.” I took this test for an organization I am in and I believe it really described the strengths in me.

  3. Shelly Nelson
    Dec 6 2010

    I found this video very interesting due to the perspective that is presented. I have never thought about the fact that in school we focus on what we are not doing well rather than what we are doing well. In sports, we pursue the area that we are interested in and do particularly well at. In school, the emphasis is on becoming better in areas we probably do not enjoy or do well at. We should always remind ourselves of what we are good at so that the experience can be a positive one.

  4. Sarah Hollander
    Dec 6 2010

    I really enjoyed this video and hearing a different perspective of how to improve yourself. Many people, including myself struggle to find ways to better themselves and this video is a perfect example of that.Watching this I realized I have never sat down to actually do this and how much I am missing out on an opportunity to grow as a person. When John Baumann talks about hearing criticism from others, it is hard to hear but a great way to find your true weaknesses and strengths. I also enjoyed hearing the comparison between the American Society and Israel Society as well. I want to look further into other societies to see how we compare to others. This talk was very interesting and opened my eyes to a way to grow as a person.

  5. Brittany Warford
    Dec 7 2010

    John Baumann is a terrific speaker. He speaks about topics that are quite relevant to employees, students, athletes and countless others in today’s society. Perhaps the most effective part of his public speaking is his engagement to the audience. His incorporation of humor, asking questions, and story-telling makes for a fun, yet meaningful experience for his audience.

  6. Rachel Clemons
    Dec 9 2010

    I have also never thought about a weakness as an opportunity. I played the sports I did in high school because those were the ones that I was good at and enjoyed. I enjoy my classes that are my major because I am good at them and they make me feel like they are worth my time for my future. When I come upon a class that i find difficult or I don’t think will benefit me in the future, I need to reassess myself because I never know what is going to happen in the years to come. I also never need to judge before I know exactly what something/someone is going to be like…I never thought I would enjoy CLAW 301 but look at me now.

  7. nagood03
    Dec 10 2010

    I really like the idea of being aware of weaknesses and not beware of them. I think that a lot of people are scared of their weaknesses and a lot of times deny that they are there. I think it is important to be aware of them so that you can try to improve on them and know what you might not excel at in certain situations.

  8. Tasha Branch
    Dec 11 2010

    I think John’s talk about assessing your strengths and weaknesses is one that everyone can benefit from. I, myself, know that I find it hard to focus on the things that I don’t do so well, but from listening to John’s talk about success, I’ve found that I can’t expect to move forward until I look internally at those things. It’s important to me to be successful in life. If I’m always overlooking the places where there is room for improvement, then I’ll never accomplish that.

  9. Erica Henderson
    Dec 13 2010

    It’s really encouraging to hear John speak about success. Whether speaking to athletes, students, professionals, etc. this topic refers to everyone in many different ways. John talks about the importances of knowing your strengths and weaknesses. This really made me think about how I need to look at myself, find my weaknesses and focus on working on those rather than always relying on my strengths.

  10. Tia Gibbs
    Dec 13 2010

    I had the opportunity to take Professor Baumann’s CLAW class this semester and loved every bit of it. I was fortunate enough to learn alot from him this semester but I think I would learn just as much from this motivational speech if I was able to hear about the 12 steps in entirety. This would be very benficial to my team (Louisville Women’s Basketball) in leading us to a successful season but more importantly a succesful life after college.

  11. Haleigh Fellows
    Jan 15 2011

    I have just signed up for Professor Baumann’s CLAW class, and was introduced to him in our first class a couple of nights ago. I chose him because he came highly recommended by others, and had a perfect 5.0 rating on “Rate my Professor” (which is pretty rare). I knew I made the right choice after about five minutes into the class, as he made a few funny jokes, and seemed really excited about teaching our class. I think this first stage of success, Honest Assessment, is very important in terms of understanding what might be the best career path for you and in every other aspect of your personal and competitive life. Everyone must recognize their weaknesses, because if you simply ignore them and pretend they don’t exist you’ll hurt yourself and others along the way. You must either confront them and try to overcome them, or realize that they exist, so you can strategically choose a way to avoid them if possible. Professor Baumann made an interesting point when he was talking about identifying your strengths, in the example about which would you get tutoring for, the A or the C. In sports we continually practice the same skills, techniques, and situations in order to try to perfect them, and be as good as we can be. However, we approach it differently in education. We tend to work much harder and pay more attention to the subjects in which we don’t excel, and push those things we do excel at to the backburner. Why shouldn’t we approach our talents and strengths in the same way we would approach any sport we play? I thought this first pinnacle of success was excellent and extremely interesting. Professor Baumann presented it effortlessly, and in a way that everyone could really understand and be able to intrustment this strategy in their own lives.

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