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October 15, 2010


Inspirational Presentation: Reclaiming Posi-spective – Becoming a Proud Person with Parkinsons

John Baumann, The Inspiring Esquire, inspires others to reclaim a positive perspective in spite of the curve ball throw at them in the form of a life changing medical condition of themselves or a loved one. Presented to 150 attendees including care receivers and care givers both professional and family members. Comments: One person said “John Baumann was special” and another said that “the addition of John Baumann was wonderful.”

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  1. Ryan McDermott
    Dec 9 2010

    This was very inspirational because as we go through life we are always faced with challenges. But instead of looking at the bad aspects of these challenges, we should look to the good that will come out of the experience and continue to live our life to the fullest. Looking at the positives in my life have always made me feel better than looking at the negatives. So for now one when im faced with a challenge, I will always look to how I can over come it and make my life better.

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