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October 2, 2010

Testimonial on Learn Success Today for John Baumann The Inspiring Esquire by a college lacrosse star

Shootin’ It With Bergan

Second edition of Bergan Foley’s Blog

Sept. 3, 2010

Hello! Much has happened in the past week here with the Louisville lacrosse team! As soon as classes started, we jumped right into our fitness and lift testing. Early morning on Wednesday, we tested our mile which went really well! Freshman Nikki “the BOLT” Boltja set a new record time, which I’m hesitant to say because we want her to stay on the lacrosse team, and not be recruited by track. Later that day, the team tested in our squats, bench and cleans in hopes to reach our personal bests. Sophomore Meg McCarthy took the crown on PB’s by beating all her weights and measurements from last year, helping her summer team get a nice lead in our competitions.

Friday night was our first ever “Cards Dine In!” The seniors and freshmen got together and ordered in some pizza at the Yum! Center, got to know each other and talked about funny memories from year’s past. They soon learned how goofy our team is and that there is no limit to our weirdness. The sophomores and juniors went to Bardstown Road to a local favorite pizza spot and enjoyed a nice meal. Overall, it was a great way to get closer and start the fall!

After doing well on our fitness tests, we received some sweet Adidas gear, including our practice t-shirts that read “Pay the Price” in bold on the back. This saying, “Pay the Price” comes from a great book the whole team read over the summer, titled “Training Camp” by Jon Gordon. One thing our team has realized is that our work ethic this fall will reflect our success this spring and in the future and we need to “pay the price” or “do the work” to get there.

In order to continue to get into the correct mindset for the fall, we had a guest speaker come educate us on the ways to achieve the goals that we desire. John Baumann, a professor here at the University and a huge lacrosse fan, helped us set goals and taught us how to maintain focus in order to achieve them.

This week, we started agilities and conditioning as a team, focusing on our defensive footwork and slides. Next week, we have our first practice on Monday! I know the freshmen and veterans can’t wait to start playing with a stick again and have fall ball start!

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