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July 29, 2010

The Inspiring Esquire Full Menu of Programs from Union Avoiadnce to Harassment Prevention to Success

(1) Union Avoidance & Irrelevancy: Making the Employee Free Choice Act Irrelevant – A proven-to-be-successful, six phase supervisory skills leadership training approach (Representation, Responsibility, Inclusion, Treatment, Attitude, and Atmosphere) to maintain non-union status and/or neutralize existing unions whether the Act is enacted or not (;

(2) Workplace Injury Reduction: Limbo, how low can you go – reducing injuries in the workplace by obtaining ownership in the deepest level of the organization – 12 “out-of-the-box” ideas to create a Proactive Prevention Culture of Safety  (;

(3) Learn Success Today: Nine Memorable Success Principles for Difficult and Challenging Times – Understandable, proven success principles presented in an easy-to-listen-to storytelling format to accelerate your success (;

(4) Learn Negotiation Today: A Systematic Fifteen-Step Approach to More Effective Negotiation – A user-friendly, proven-to-be-successful, step-by-step approach to substantially improve both your every day bargaining skills as well as high stakes negotiation ability (; and

(5) The Inspiring Esquire: An Inspirational Presentation and Approach to Positively Dealing with a Life-Changing Medical Condition – A personal life philosophy (

CALL OR EMAIL TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION. These extraordinary programs are available NOW as interactive speaking appearances, more interactive workshops, or pursuant to a consultingarrangement.

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