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July 28, 2010

The Inspiring Esquire or A Humanistic Attorney or A Caring Lawyer – No OXYMORON HERE


In today’s job market, well paying positions in the field you love and the city you what to live are difficult to come by and should be coveted. So why would anyone leave the top spot in the legal department of a solid, successful company with over a billion dollars in sales? Why indeed? Well, that is exactly what John Baumann did. We sat down with him and asked, Why? His reasons were not at all what we expected.

I did some heavy thinking and I truly believe that my legacy is to help others learn how to be more successful and individuals in organizations learn a more humanistic approach to management, including lawyers. Over the years, I have accepted dozens invitations to speak to audiences varying in size from a 30 to over 250 attendees. Deep down, I realized that I felt most alive, fulfilled, and necessary when I sensed that I was ‘reaching’ or ‘touching’ others. I, for the past three years, have gotten a taste of this new life direction while teaching at University of Louisville. My style of presentation is part audience involvement, part memorable storytelling and part humor (some will dispute the humor part) while having very real ‘Tangible Takeaways’ and sharing extremely relevant subject matter. In fact, what could be more relevant than providing a game plan for individuals (the nine success principles) to Learn Success Today .

I also examined my over two decades of experience as an attorney and developed a model called, Proactive Prevention: A Corporate Culture Approach. How humanistic is it to eliminate, actually eliminate, harassment in the workplace? How about to create a workplace that is so humanistic that employees have no need to bring in a union, thus, retaining the ability to be paid the entire amount of money that they are due without having a portion of their hard earned pay diverted to a union in the form of dues? Simply put, I believe that my mission is to replicate what was achieved at my former employer in as many organizations as possible

With 1,500 employees, 1,200 of which on industrial plant floors, a company can expect two, three, four (possibly more) harassment lawsuits per year. Throw into the mix the diversity of the workforce – various religions, races, and national origins – women working on the plant floor – and the record becomes even more impressive. It gets even better, these 15 plants are not limited to traditionally non-litigious locations, try instead, Detroit, Michigan, Cleveland, Ohio, northern Indiana, and central Ohio.

The Proactive Harassment Prevention Program has resulted in ZERO HARASSMENT LAWSUITS OVER THE PAST DECADE.


Is this Proactive PreventionÔ Program Cost Effective?  Definitely: Lower Outside Counsel Bills; Eliminate/reduce payout of settlements; Lower Insurance Premiums; Lower Turnover/ Absenteeism (Reduce training costs); Lower Corporate Overhead (HR and Law departments); Eliminate distractions – indirect cost; and Retain Quality Employees.

Is the Program Humanistic?  –  You tell me

No Harassment (or immediately and properly addressed)

Corporate Culture: Appreciation & Respect

John Baumann delighted his audience …his blend of scholarship and personal experience, of humor and seriousness, of compassion and zeal was a wonder to behold. John’s storytelling and charisma combined to get his point across in a memorable way. His many observations resulted in each of us increasing our level of awareness.

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