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July 28, 2010 Will Enhance Your Company’s Bottom Line

My name is John Baumann, I just released a DVD on success that can be ordered on my website at

I am a graduate of Cornell Law School, have been practicing law for over 23 years and am an Adjunct Professor at the University of Louisville.  I work with, and have made presentations to, Fortune 1000 Corporations, Chambers of Commerce, Universities, Bar Associations, and law firms.

My firm specializes in facilitating workshops and conducting training on proactive prevention of workplace harassment, unionization and workplace injuries. Key words are both “Proactive” and “Prevention.”

Using imagery, stories, reasoning and even persuasion, we obtain buy-in and ownership at the deepest levels of the organization demonstrating to supervisors and even front line employees how it is their personal “self-interest” to proactively prevent harassment, unionization, and injuries.

What distinguishes this program from all others is the focus upon humanistic values and corporate culture.

This copyrighted and trademarked program is entitled, “PROACTIVE PREVENTION FOR BOTTOMLINE ENHANCEMENT.”

Think about it: Win or lose, every dollar spent in defending harassment claims, winning union elections or disputing workers compensation claims, are wasted dollars. In today’s economic environment, companies can’t afford to waste any money. In fact, the money used for these non-value-added purposes could be used, instead, for expansion, technological improvements, product research, wages, bonuses, or just plain old company survival.

Not only will you see improvement in the bottom line, but your workplace will be more pleasant and productive and your company will be able to both attract higher quality applicants as well as retain higher performing employees.

It is work, but the simple solution is prevention before there is an issue. The mission of my consulting /speaking business is to assist organizations to continue to grow their profits in these difficult and challenging times utilizing the Proactive Prevention Culture Program.

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