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July 28, 2010

Bringing on Part-Time In-House Counsel More Than Pays For Itself

Many companies either don’t feel that they can justify a full-time attorney in-house or don’t realize that having an experienced in-house attorney, even part-time, actually saves money.

Benefits of having an experienced in-house counsel:

–  Expertise in obtaining discounted attorney fees from outside counsel.

–  Perform most of the necessary legal work including contract and other front-end document review, EEOC Charges, litigation, administrative actions, mediations, and arbitrations.

–  Ability to determine when advice on specialized area of law is required and ask narrowly focused questions that will further minimize outside attorney fees.

–  Legal input at the front end of projects to eliminate wasted effort on avenues that will not produce the optimal solution.

–  Trustworthy, unbiased, expert evaluation of lawsuits, including likelihood of success and settlement offers, as well as value-added input on litigation strategy.

–  Creation of lawsuit proactive prevention programs including, but not limited to, related to the Civil Rights Act (discrimination & harassment), Workers Compensation Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, National Labor Relations Act, American with Disabilities Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act and Uniform Commercial Code.

–  Awareness of government incentive programs, possible corporate restructuring in order to efficiently distribute tax income among states and the property tax valuation process.

–  Maintain corporate records necessary to preserve liability limitation and not subject shareholders, Directors and Officers to personal liability for judgments, liens and debts incurred by the company.

–  Delegate the management of, and responsibility for, your organization’s legal affairs to a professional who has the training and experience to perform this function extremely well.

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