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July 6, 2010


Inspirational Presentation on Learn Success Today for University of Louisville Lacrosse Team

“I am on the lacrosse team here and I really enjoyed hearing the talk you gave to our team. It was inspiring and very helpful to hear about the skills that helped you through law school and that you use now in life. One of my favorite parts of your talk was the story you told about your brother’s soccer experience and the importance of making sure you don’t waste talent. Thank you for coming to talk to our team.” – Liz Lovejoy

“I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with our team telling some of the most influential stories and events that happened to you in your lifetime. You showed us that nothing should be able to bring us down and that we can overcome any obstacle that stands in our way. Your life stories will be with us through this season and will help guide us in beating some of our tougher opponents this year. I feel you would be a great person to share some of these stories to other teams because it could help them have a different outlook on life. Thank you for the time you spent with us and know that we appreciate it. Hopefully you get to come out to some of our games this year!!” – Sincerely, Ashley King

“I just would like to thank you for coming and speaking with our team.  Like you, I plan on going to graduate school after graduating from Louisville in the spring.  I remember in your speech how, when received the phone call from Cornell about Law School, you picked up and moved.  I feel that was important to me because when I find out what graduate school I am going to be attending I will have to have a similar mentality.  You were able to pick up your life and go to a school where you knew no one and did not even have a place to live.  I know when I think about graduate school I get worried about having to change my life completely.  But, knowing you did the same and were able to successful and happy brings a sense of comfort to me.” Thank you, Lyndsay Ward

“I really enjoyed the stories you told as I continued to learn and grow from the talk. Your talk is inspiring and I think it should motivate people to use their ability to the fullest especially since you don’t know when suddenly you won’t be able to use it anymore. I’m sure there are other girls that were inspired the same way I was.” Sincerely, Sammy Allen #23

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