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June 18, 2010



. . . if you were striving to inspire deep belly laughter, internal reflection, misty eyes, and a healthy dose of “open your eyes to the world that surrounds” as they say in Hollywood, you nailed it!
-SARC Executive Director commenting on “Reclaiming Posi-spective” Keynote

. . . I remember I cried, I laughed, I felt sad, and then happy, but at the end BEING STRONG, a much stronger person. . .
-Shahin Shoostari, PhD, fellow Conference Speaker


Along the way, John has cherished being caregiver to his daughter (who has flourished despite being born with life threatening birth defects and cerebral palsy) and is positively living with his own diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease since the ripe young age of 41. Throughout it all, John has been able to maintain his sense of humor and what he calls “Posi-spective,” including being a self-proclaimed “Proud Person with Parkinsons.”

John now dedicates his energy and passion to inspiring others and teaching success to audiences around the world. If you are looking for an experienced, yet fresh, speaker with high energy, boundless passion and a focus on giving audiences tangible takeaways, give me a shot, you will be impressed.

John Baumann has achieved educational and professional success:

graduating college summa cum laude,

receiving his law degree from Cornell Law School,

passing three bar exams,

practicing as an attorney for 23 years (including as General Counsel of a Nasdaq listed corporation),

appearing on CNN Headline News as a legal commentator,

hosting an internet talk show on Voice America and

being selected as the Most Inspiring Professor by the 2009 Scholar Athlete of the Year for the University of Louisville.

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  1. Nov 28 2010

    I have John Baumann as a professor of Commercial Law at the University of Louisville, and although we don’t often get to experience the emotional side of him, he is an incredible professor! I came in, not knowing much about law and not that excited about the class and he has completely changed my view on the study of law. He teaches the class by using real life experiences and examples and by allowing the class to interact in groups and through role play. I believe this has been a very effective way of teaching the class. Thank you professor Baumann for not only being an inspiration to those at your conferences but for your students as well!

  2. John Baumann
    Nov 28 2010

    Thank you Laura. You are the reason I teach.

  3. Nick Rolf
    Dec 1 2010

    I have John Baumann for Commercial Law as well. I did not know that he won the Most Inspiring Professor Award in 2009, but he is definitely deserving of this award. He uses a very unique teaching style that is interactive and does not put you to sleep. You are not bored with cases and statistics, but rather makes you think about real life issues. He also showed us the clip of him on CNN which just goes to show how intelligent and respected he is. He uses his intelligence to teach people in ways that they can understand rather than overwhelming you with information. If you get the chance, I would strongly recommend taking professor Baumann for class or simply talk to him. Either way you will be enlightened!

  4. Jerica Lancaster
    Dec 6 2010

    Professor Baumann has made Commercial Law my favorite class this semester. His knowledge and real life experience with the material in class made it very easy to retain the information and it’s obvious it’s something he’s passionate about. He has the best sense of humor and attitude of any professor I’ve ever had. He’s accomplished a lot, gives back to society, he’s a great person.

  5. Jan 8 2011

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