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June 17, 2010


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How to LIVE WELL with Parkinsons – LIKE I DO AND HAVE DONE FOR OVER A DECADE – from the author of DECIDE SUCCESS – 12 Action Steps: You Ain’t Dead YET

When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, I thought my life was over at 41 years young. Man, was I wrong.

My wife and I have lived the “A.I.N.’T. D.E.A.D. Y.E.T.” Philosophy: Attitude (inspiration), Information, NOW (start), Today (live in the moment), Diet (how to eat clean), Exercise (what YOU CAN do), Active, De-Stress, Your Purpose, End-vision, and Team. We will share what we have learned (there is much confusion out there) and WE WILL COME TO YOU. We want to be a part of your TEAM!!!

DECIDE SUCCESS is not just another inspirational storybook or a self-help book loaded with clichés. It uses short stories to bring the success principles to life, engaging imagery. I have dedicated my life to inspiring, explaining my twelve action steps to achieve the success you truly desire to, and bringing hope to as many people as possible.

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  1. Nov 29 2010

    As a CIS student at the college of business at the University of Louisville, I am taking a Business Law Class with Mr. Baumann as my professor. I can honestly say I am inspired to do my best in his class. He offers great real life examples in the lessons he is teaching, and uses student engagement to keep us involved and active. Since Mr. Baumann has an interactive teaching style, and knows going to school is about gaining an understanding about the way the world works, rather than memorizing useless statistics and pressuring his students to unrealistic expectations. In this environment I feel I can learn more and enjoy the class material much more.

  2. Jonathan Melton
    Dec 2 2010

    I plan to listen to John Baumann’s Radio talk show this monday at 4:00. I am his student at the University of Louisville. John Baumann is very encouraging, positive, and an effective teacher. Bouman does essay test which I like. He wants to know what we do know. He wants us to learn and interact with him. I enjoyed his class and I recommend the you tube videos of his speeches.

  3. Aaron T. Brown
    Dec 4 2010

    I currently have John Baumann as a professor at the University of Louisville, and I can say with 100% certainty that he is one of the most knowledgeable, nice, and funny professors I have had the pleasure of dealing with. He engages his audience in a completely different way than your usual speaker would which makes his lectures even more interesting and meaningful. He doesn’t just ramble on and on like some speakers, he engages the audience and makes his audience learn from each other just as much as they learn from him. He also has some really great stories!!! Anyone interested in law, business, or even just becoming a more well rounded person should DEFINITELY listen to this show!!!!

  4. Jaclyn Klare
    Dec 6 2010

    I am currently a student of Professor Baumann at the University of Louisville, and I can honestly say I have truly enjoyed his class. You can tell he wears many hats and seems to succeed in all that he does! I enjoy the way he compares different situations to his experiences throughout his life. I highly recommend his video Learn Success Today. This video assisted me in many ways and has helped me to stay on top of things and strive to succeed in everything that I do. It gave me ways to make this striving for success a much easier process. I have also enjoyed this website and enjoyed learning more about the different obstacles and ways that he has overcome these challenges throughout his life! I would recommend listening to his talk show or watching the video! He is a great man and can hopefully help you the way that he has helped me!

  5. Beth Albanese
    Dec 8 2010

    I am currently a student of Professor Baumann and I love the class and his style of teaching. I was searching through this site and saw his many achievements, and noticed one that said most inspiring professor. I completely agree with that. He was always very positive and cracking jokes throughout class. His stories that related to the class and all the cases that he told us made class very interesting. I, as a student of his, am inspired by his positivity and love for what he does.

  6. Chris Roll
    Dec 11 2010

    I am currently a student of Mr. Baumann in his Business Law class at the University of Louisville. I have enjoyed the entire semester and I wouldn’t recommend anyone but him. His real life experiences helped give us, as students, insight on how law is really practiced in the real world. As I looked over this website I have seen that he has been called the most inspiring professor. I couldn’t agree more. He respects his students, he respects his profession and he respects the school. He has given me knowledge I never cared to acquire and made me enjoy it while doing it.

  7. Reade Saunders
    Dec 13 2010

    As others have already expressed, Mr. Baumann has been an both an excellent teacher and wonderful inspiration. Though the area of law isn’t something that has been particularly motivating for me, the various ways in which he was able to explain concepts in class not only helped me to have a better understanding of business law, but it created an interest that I didn’t expect to have. Having spent a semester learning from Mr. Baumann, I can confidently say that it would be well worth anyone’s time to listen to him either on his radio show or at any other available opportunity.

  8. Philip J Mountain
    Jan 26 2011

    Professor Baumann is a very motivated and enthusiastic professor. His classes are centered around discussion and real situations. He is very prestigious in the law field and inspiring to me because of being so relentless in his adventures.

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