John Baumann – Inspirational Speaker – Proud Person with Parkinsons

Maria Kassova • John, I only just saw your video … Ain\'t Dead Yet

…and I am so moved and touched. I currently write a book on confidence and one of the key premises of being confident is choosing the positive perspective. My heart was filled with respect and admiration for your positivity, huge inner power AND sincerity. I agree that at the time ‘disaster’ strikes (we don’t call it that after, but it feels like it at first) it is hard to be cheerful and find the flip side. Yet our attitude towards life then takes over – and we make the choice. As you have done – ‘you ain’t dead yet, let’s to the best of the time I’ve got. Sky diving, inspiring others, write another book, spend time with my loved ones…Seeing your video is one of my Christmas discoveries / gifts. I will be showing your clips in my confidence workshops….so your legacy and inspiration is spread over in Singapore and other parts of the world. May 2012 bring you a new lease of energy, ideas and desire to keep going and touching the hearts and souls of your family, friends and thousands of other people throughout the world…sending you a big virtual hug from Singapore.

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  1. Hannah Fisher says:

    John Baumann is a wonderful speaker! He always adds related, yet interesting personal stories to drive his points home. He is definitely someone everyone should hear speak at least once, if not more!

  2. Clayton Orman says:

    I agree with Hannah. Just listening to him speak, John really draws you into what he is saying and is very passionate about what he says, which is just one of the many qualities that makes him a great speaker.

  3. Alex Brown says:

    John Baumann has got to be one of the best speakers I have ever heard in my life. Not only does he have a multitude of humorous anecdotes, he has opened my eyes to a whole other side of the world that I would have never seen otherwise. He’s a man who can deliver good rapport and insightful reflection with his listeners.

  4. Alex Lee says:

    John Baumann is by far one of the most interesting professors I’ve had the privilege of listening to. His lectures are very engaging and just as Hannah mentioned, his personal stories always find a way to drive his points home. I would recommend anyone who hasn’t heard him speak take the time to do so!

  5. Allan Mathis says:

    Having John Baumann as a professor is quite a luxury. His lectures not only teach you relevant and interesting material, they teach you to change your way of thinking. I highly recommend hearing him speak, it’s a really enjoyable intellectual exercise.

  6. Austin Everett says:

    John is the kind of speaker who anybody can appreciate. He is able to touch home with all of his points due to his vastness of experience and ability to connect with those listeners in the audience. I’ve learned a lot from even the smallest of points he has tried to push and I really believe everybody should have a chance to benefit from this man’s words.

  7. Elena Herbstreit says:

    I have the pleasure of having John Baumann as a professor at the University of Louisville. I have not missed a class because his lectures are inspiring and interesting. I would recommend listening to him speak any day and I cannot say that about many of my other professors.

  8. Gina Perri says:

    I have had John Baumann as a Professor at The University of Louisville as well. I thought that Commercial Law would be an extremely dry and hard class to get through but he has made each and every class interesting and makes me want to attend class. By making his class exciting and fun to go to he encourages people to want to attend and learn from his lectures. I would recommend him to any one who wants to learn in an interesting way.

  9. Travis Thomas says:

    As a student of Professor Baumann in his Commercial Law class I am always impressed by his teaching and the amount of interest he has for us to suceed. The class despite being a long night class is always enjoyable for me and I would truly say the best class I’ve had this semester. After reading and watching some of the information provided on the website I’m impressed by his attitude towards everything. I can say Professor Baumann is an inspiring teacher.

  10. Matt Lanham says:

    Professor Baumann has been without a doubt on of my best professors. His lecturing technique is truly engaging and removes any possibility of becoming bored. He is inspiring and always invites comments and debates to his speeches. John is a talented speaker that you should listen to at least once whenever you get a chance!

  11. Michael Vesce says:

    Professor Baumann is an excellent speaker and an inspiring figure. I have a family member that has Parkinson’s and understand the hurdles he has to overcome on a daily basis. His positivity permeates throughout classroom discussions. The real world examples he matches to the text makes his class very informative and entertaining.

  12. Sara Abell says:

    I am a student in Professor Baumann’s commercial law class and at the beginning of the semester I was not looking forward to taking this class. I had the idea in my head that there is no way this could be an interesting class. However, he proved me wrong. I enjoyed coming to class and listening to the discussions he so strongly encouraged. He is always positive and has an interesting story for every topic. I would definitely recommend him as a professor.

  13. Doug Ratchford says:

    The positivity and enthusiasm John gives in his lectures is what makes him stand out. He applies his real-life expierences to every topic, which makes his lectures relatable and interesting

  14. Taylor South says:

    I am finishing up a semester in Professor Baumann’s class. Originally law topics never seemed to get my attention. Mostly the subject would bore me and lose my interest. Within the first thirty minutes within this class Professor Baumann immediately had my attention. His thorough evaluation of different cases and stories of how they related to his past completely made this class not only interesting but enjoyable to be in. His stories can completely change the way you view different situations and make you think twice about some of the choices you may encounter later in life. I would highly encourage anyone who can listen in to do so because it will undoubtedly affect you from that moment on.

  15. Darius Ashley says:

    After spending a semester in Professor Baumann’s Commercial Law class. I found that his knowledge about the Legal Environment of Business and success in life to be very intriguing. His personal stories that he had shared with us, were very interesting and his enthusiam helped grasp the attention of his students. After browsing through this website and reading about his battle with Parkinsons and how he deals with this in his everyday life and doesn’t let this get in the way of his great success is very inspiring. He is the prime example of a man who can overcome any obstacle with hard work and a positive outlook on life. I recommend any of his courses. talks, and videos.

  16. Darius Ashley says:

    After spending a semester in Professor Baumann’s Commercial Law class. I found that his knowledge about the Legal Environment of Business and success in life to be very intriguing. His personal stories that he had shared with us, were very interesting and his enthusiam helped grasp the attention of his students. After browsing through this website and reading about his battle with Parkinsons and how he deals with this in his everyday life and doesn’t let this get in the way of his great success is very inspiring. He is the prime example of a man who can overcome any obstacle with hard work and a positive outlook on life. I recommend any of his courses. talks, and videos.

  17. Tyler Sizemore says:

    I find Professor Baumann’s speaking extremely motivational and inspiring because of how he relates what he is talking about to your personal life. He helps simplify these complex ideas and gives you a positive outlook on whatever situation you may be in. Having him as a professor has been a great experience and is very inspiring. I strongly encourage you to check out these videos and presentations. They will change your life!

  18. Sydney White says:

    John Baumann is a one of a kind professor. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to be in his class, he teaches in a way that draws you in and makes you want to learn. He has a hands on way of teaching that you dont see very often with college professors and is quite refressing.

  19. Tony Ausick says:

    To call John Baumann a normal professor would be an incorrect statement. Professor Baumann is a one in a kind professor who doesn’t sit you down and lectures you – he interacts with us, and gives us a outlook different than what the book says. He gives us a hands on type of class where we think we have the answer, then he throws one more piece to the pile in which we learn and better our understanding of what we’re trying to learn. He is one of the professors I can say I go to class to actually go and enjoy, not to sit through and make sure I don’t miss anything important.

  20. Michael Grimes says:

    Professor Baumann is one of the most intriguing, helpful, and motivating professors I have ever had. I am very lucky to have had him as a professor, and have learned a lot from him. He is a very motivational individual that will inspire you to exceed your potential in class and outside of class.

  21. Matthew Allen says:

    John is a great speaker! He always is uplifiting and keeps a positive attitude. This makes for a great professor! Unlike many professors these days, John is a practicing professional in the very field he teaches. This makes for great class discussion, as John is able to give us real world scenarios and letting us take a crack at it.

  22. Matt Ward says:

    John Baumann is not a professor that lectures the class and creates an atmosphere that makes nobody want to come to class. Rather Professor Baumann inspires the class with his real life application of the material, and he motivates you to not only excel in your school work but in all aspects of your life. It has been a blessing to have taken Professor Baumann for a course at the University of Louisville. I wish he taught more courses, I would certainly enroll in them.

  23. Simone Attles says:

    I can’t wait for John Baumann to speak to our team. His story is so motivational! I really think the team will find the inspiration in his story and apply it to the field of athletics. I can tell from his teaching style that he really can relate to a wide variety of people and find ways to make them think critically.

  24. Robin Hudson says:

    John Baumann is a strong speaker with a contagious energy. I highly recommend attending his lectures, as they are wonderfully engaging, informative and creative. As an attendee, I came away with a refreshing look at the topics discussed and was challenged to think outside the box. It was a delight to listen to such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable speaker!

  25. Abbi Romans says:

    When asking around to find out which professor to take for Commercial Law, there was not one person that didn’t INSIST on taking John Baumann at all costs. He is highly thought of and respected in the business school student body, and it is not a wonder why. It is a hard task for a professor to have engaging lectures every class, but somehow Professor Baumann accomplishes this feat. He understands how to relate to people of all age groups, and I highly respect him as a professor-which I almost never admit to. I admire him and all of his life accomplishments.

  26. Blake Watson says:

    Professor Baumann’s class has easily been one of the most interesting classes I have taken since I’ve been in college. The material is already interesting but with Professor Baumann’s first hand experience it brings an extra level to the class and makes for a better experience for his students.

  27. Morgan Hubbard says:

    Really enjoyed the website and videos. I watched Baumann’s DVD on success and highly recommend it to everyone. I just got done with a corporate law class with Professor Baumann and was surprised when it became one of my favorite classes. His lectures were exciting and, occasionally, we got to hear some material from his DVDs!

  28. Michelle Mattingly says:

    I have learned so much as a result of this professor. With little to no background knowledge of law, I was nervous to take this class. But with real life application it was much easier to understand.

  29. Gia Nguyen says:

    I had John Baumann as my Commercial Law teacher. He didn’t just me about laws, he taught me how to think like a lawyer. He told me so many inspiring stories in class and his stories are an eye opener for me to see what’s really happening beyond the classroom. Laws are important and everybody should know it, especially if you’re working in the field of business. Baumann has done a great job delivering it to his students.

  30. Yan Jin says:

    I’m taking Professor Baumann’s 301 Claw this semester. I had the first class today, it was great! I heard a lot good things about him and look forward have a great semester with his Claw class!

  31. Kenneth Higdon says:

    I am currently enrolled in Professor Baumann’s CLAW 301. After one class I am very excited for the rest of the semesterm, his deas of teaching the class are truly unique from any others I have heard of or experienced. I am looking forward to continue with the rest of the class this semester.

  32. Jennifer Jones says:

    I am also in Professor Baumann’s class this semester and I am really excited about having him as a profressor for the semester. I have heard nothing but good things and know that i will enjoy him this year.

  33. Chris Wolfe says:

    I am also currently in Professor Baumann’s 301 CLAW class and I am looking forward to the knowledge and insight he will share with the class as he is very experienced and passionate about the subject. I look forward for the opportunity to practice a real court case and then go and see a court case play out with someone I know (Mr. Baumann) involved.

  34. Melissa Hortert says:

    After watching John Baumann’s Parkinsons Proud Positive Perspective, I am looking forward to our CLAW class tonight. The video allowed me to see his rational perspective and positive outlook on life. I am glad I decided to take his class. Commercial law will be a lot more enjoyable with Professor Baumann because you can see from his videos that he sees the bigger picture in life.

  35. Amy Su says:

    I’m in Professor Baumann’s CLAW 301 class this semester and looking forward to learning about an area that I am not familiar with. Something I also look forward to this semester is learning about a real court case and going to court to watch Professor Baumann in action. =)

  36. Susanna Cagle says:

    I really liked Professor Baumann’s 15 Steps to Negotiation-his continual reminder to step in the shoes of EVERYONE who is affecting, effected by, or potentially related to any situation is a very important step in any decision. I look forward to learning more from his real-life examples in class this semester!

  37. Seth Detenber says:

    I was really inspired by Professor Baumanns tips to everyday success that can help you regardless of intellectual abilities or experience.

  38. Seth Detenber says:

    I found Professor Baumann’s tips on success irrespective of ones intellectual abilities or experience to be very interesting. I am in Professor Baumann’s Commercial Law class this semester and am excited to learn from his experience and insight.

  39. Andrew Wagner says:

    I really enjoyed Professor Baumann’s video on negation. It gave me insight into a whole different perspective of approaching a situation and gives me the upper hand. I cant wait to see what else he teaches me this semester

  40. Clark Jones says:

    As a student of Professor Baumann, I have found great inspiration from his teachings in his commercial law class at UofL. Class is always different from the norm which engages his students in his lectures. He is a very inspirational man and is always fun and entertaining.

  41. Micah Morris says:

    Im a current student in Porfessor Baumanns class, I think its awesome that you bring the same energy in class to people who may be done about themselves having parkinsons. If you live in a negative mind set from day to day, you are only bringing yourself down. You are the only person in the world that has the power to change your own thoughts, and turn them into positive ones. By doing so you will live a much fuller and happier life.

  42. Shannon Leamy says:

    Professor Baumann’s story, overall enthusiasm and quick sense of humor inspire me every class. It is important to remember that attitude is everything. In every job or random situation, your attitude has a profound effect on the outcome. I also believe that everyone should do something memorable for themselves. Something that is meaningful to you and maybe only you. It has been an extreme pleasure being able to hear Professor Baumann speak.

  43. Philip Mountain says:

    John Baumann is a professor who everyday, battles Parkinson’s. For a regular person with this disease they would simply take life as is. However, Professor Baumann takes on a very positive approach and it is very inspiring to me as a student.

  44. Andrew Wagner says:

    Professor Baumann’s witty and intellectual classes help students learn a wide variety of material while staying motivated and engaged about the work at hand.

  45. Matthew Smith says:

    I chose to have Professor Baumann for Commercial Law this semester due to favorable reviews and I didn’t regret my decision for a single minute. Everything we covered in class he went over in detail and made it fun. Law is one of the most boring subjects out there, but when he applied our learning to real-life scenarios, it was very tolerable. And one thing’s for sure, he knows his stuff. He’s very knowledgeable and it was a joy to have class with him.

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