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Inspiring Success Speaker & Author: Decide Success

Positively Un-shake-able

Powered by Purpose & Parkinson’s since 2002

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John Baumann has had many “successes” in his life overcoming challenge after challenge. One such challenge was to obtain sufficient grades as a business management major at a public university to be admitted into the best law school possible. He was successfully admitted into Cornell Law School, an ivy league institution.

Another challenge was to be an extraordinary attorney. John started his career at Exxon, took the Assistant General Counsel position for the buyer of the refinery he was working at the time, and finally became the General Counsel & Executive Officer of a market-listed public company. He held that position or 12 years.

John now faces the biggest challenge of his life. In 2002, at 41 years old, John Baumann was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

In response, John Baumann has successfully reinvented himself: Inspiring Success Speaker Powered by Purpose & Parkinson’s since 2002.

Upon being diagnosed, John joined the faculty of the College of Business at the University of Louisville and was selected to be the Chair of the Make-A-Wish Kentucky Board of Directors.

He also wrote a critically-acclaimed book entitled, DECIDE SUCCESS, and became an internationally-recognized inspirational success speaker. From Malaysia to France, from Vermont to Tucson, from Portland to Miami, and over 100 places in between, John has presented to audiences from 15 to 1,500.

His informative, inspirational and surprisingly funny presentations address subjects as varied as how to successfully live a full life with a chronic illness to successfully building a workplace proactive prevention culture to success as a supervisor by simply being respectful and appreciative.

As to his Parkinson’s, John has gotten himself in the best shape of his life via a combination of positive thinking, a healthy diet and vigorous exercise. His healthier lifestyle has allowed him to successfully minimize the progression and degenerative effects of this chronic illness as you will see in the two You-Tubes on the opening page of his website:

His journey has been the subject of many articles, most recently at

John Baumann makes himself available as a keynote speaker, a workshop facilitator, and a success coach. Depending upon the subject matter, time commitment, and necessary travel, John’s daily fee ranges from $1,000 to $10,000.

Testimonial: Motivational Speaker, John Baumann’s message speaks to us all – with or without Parkinson’s

From his first to last words, John Baumann, a  motivational speaker, cloaked the audience in warmth, passion, and hope that a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease could lead one to find a greater purpose in life. If this is so, John has truly unlocked the secret.

A former corporate attorney, diagnosed with Parkinson’s in his late 30’s, John turned to teaching, writing, and speaking as his new career path. His basic message: “whatever hand life deals you, whatever life changing adversity you have to endure, you still have some control over it.” “You don’t have to just to live well,”he advises,” but live an Amazing Life.” The formula he proposes: Faith in yourself, discipline, determination, desire, intensity, and inner strength.

By the end of John’s talk, I was fighting back tears. Not, because I have Parkinson’s disease, but because he was speaking to the heart of all of us in the audience. He was tapping into the struggle we all have from time to time in our human condition, of finding meaning and purpose in our lives, and using this as a way of working through hard times.

The message I heard John Baumann share is what resonated with a room full of strangers. A fundamental belief that within us all is the ability to find meaning and purpose in any situation, and create the best life for ourselves.
– Mary Spremulli, 2016

Fall “Distinguished Speakers” Symposium  – Living an Amazing Life: “John Baumann spoke to a Neuro Challenge Foundation this morning. You could have heard a pin drop. He was mesmerizing. The only sound was the occasional laughter and applause and the end with a rousing standing ovation. John you are positively brilliant.”

    – Judith L. Bell, Executive Director, Neuro Challenge Foundation Inc. for Parkinson’s

The unbelievably part is that I have had this degenerative, progressive, irreversible, neurological, incurable disease for almost 15 years and you would not know it by looking at me (at least most of the time).

We have inspired, and are available to inspire, any size audience.

If you know of any association or company that is looking for someone to motivate their employees or inspire their members at an annual meeting or in smaller groups, please pass along my contact information. We have never use an agent or speaker’s bureau and, instead, are depending upon our contacts to help us continue to fulfill our life’s purpose. Thank you.


John and Bernadette Baumann – – 502.262.3300

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John has made presentations with amazing reviews, among other places, in Akron, Albuquerque, Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Burlington (VT), Buffalo, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Edison (NJ), Frankfurt (KY), Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Lexington (KY), Louisville, Malaysia, Miami, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Orlando, Palm Desert (CA), Philadelphia, Phoenix, Regina (Canada), Rochester (NY), Sarasota (FL), Sioux Falls (SD), St. Louis, St. Thomas (VI), San Antonio, San Juan (PR), Santa Fe, Tulsa, Utica (NY), and at the World Parkinson Congress in Montreal.

John is married to Bernadette, who often appears with John, to speak on being an “care partner” and their exercise/nutrition regime.